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Meaningful Health Care Reform
Longer piece. Was supposed to have been published by my local paper as an Op-Ed, but they reneged at the last minute. Suggests that administrative reform alone will not bring acceptable improvements in safety and effectiveness, because conventional medical philosophy is flawed.

Student Searches
23 Oct '06 Published
Suggests that the plan for warrantless harrassment of school students is fascist, fear-based, and blatantly unconstitutional.

Dino &Deval
10 Oct '06 Submitted
Suggests that the Leominster mayor's brouha in the paper about Deval Patrick's interest in a rape case was misguided and the least of our concerns.

Revitalize Fitchburg
5 July '06 UNsubmitted
Suggests the S&E editor's plan for revitalizing downtown Fitchburg is elitist and goodie-two-shoe hypocrisy.

Illegal Immigration
27 Jun '06 Submitted
Suggests that "legitimate" Americans ought to try on a little humility instead of self-righteousness over this issue.

Memorial Day
3 Jun '06 published
Suggests that we best honor soldiers by doing our duty as citizens to prevent wars concocted by the profiteers.

Pizza Dough and Water
12 May '06 submitted
Local pizza shop filters city water. This suggests that trying to keep pizza dough 'pure' is an exercise in futility.

We're All 'Illegal' Immigrants
Fri, 5 May '06 submitted
Suggests that illegal-immigrant 'haters' might consider that the real "Americans" were all but destroyed by whitey invaders.

Reader put blame for lapse on DEP, too
Published Mon, 21 Mar '06
Suggests that DEP should take responsibility for water inspector's license lapse. Also, DEP should be 'hanged' for requiring chlorine in water.

NED Plan
Fri, 17 Mar '06 submitted
Suggests that eternal economic growth is analagous to a heroin addiction and is also suicidal.

Published Mon, 30 Jan '06, but not submitted (!)
General email response to S&E Editor McMenemy's Sun 1/29/06 editorial condemning Kerry/Kennedy Alito opposition.

Seat Belts
Mon, 30 Jan '06 submitted Suggests that the S&E's support of new seat-belt legislation misses the point about abridgement of personal liberties.

Definition of Marriage
Sat, 24 Dec '05 submitted
Response to Letter 12/18/05. Suggests that the definition becomes irrelevant when people's right to live as they see fit is preserved.

Sat, 8 Oct '05 submitted
Suggests that cries for the death penalty by the paper conveniently ignore society's role in producing twisted psyches.

Chavez Nearly Nails It
Sat, 17 Sep '05 submitted
Suggests that being called a terrorist state before the applause of the international community should give us pause.

Drugs in School
2 Sep '05, submitted
Suggests that there are many more, and even worse, threats to the kids that the upstanding citizens don't like to discuss.

The Cost of Energy
18 Aug '05, submitted
Suggests that without significant changes in our way of life, extremely unpleasant circumstances could easily arise--and quickly.

The London Attacks
2 Aug '05, submitted Suggests that history shows how the elite operate to create chaos and war. Terrorism is no different.

The Wal-Mart Syndrome
7 May '05, submitted
Suggests that folks don't understand the downsides of obsessive consumerism and capitalism.

Impounding drug cars (latest version)
13 Apr '05 (as "Drugs") submitted Adds the point that the random mass shootings, such as Columbine and Redlake were on Prozac, a cause of random violence.

Impounding drug cars
10 Mar '05 (& three times since), submitted
Suggests that the worst problems with street drugs arise from their illegality.

Economic Growth—Smart?
8 Feb '05, submitted
A glimmer of hope concerning community growth has appeared, but is there such a thing as conventional "smart" growth?

VIOXX and the Pharmas
7 Feb '05, not submitted
Suggests that the medical drug disaster is not fixable, because pharma-medical philosophy rests on a flaw.

Three Pieces on Iraq
Published 6 Feb '05, Sentinel & Enterprise.
Three concerned "analyses" in 28 Jan '05 S&E simply ignore the reality of planned wars.

Hospital's "Biggest Problem"
Published 8 Jan 05 Sentinel & Enterprise. Response to local hospital's complaint that it's biggest problem is uninsured patients.

Topsy-Turvy Land
16 Dec '04 submitted Suggests that social institutions are working very well—in reverse.

Paul Sullivan's Election Summary
Published 12 Nov '04
Suggests that Sullivan's attempt at cleverness reveals lack of political savvy.

Federal Reserve
Published 26 Sept '04, Worcester Telegram & Gazette.
Response to
George Will's "President anticipates second term" and his remark about W. Wilson and Fed Reserve.

Guns/Drugs/Street Violence
24 Sept '04 submitted Suggests that more force, bigger guns, and hard-line attitude aren't the answer.

Leominster's State Rep Candidates Debate, 9 Sept '04
10 Sept '04 submitted Suggests that candidates' should consider non-local origin of local issues.

Lesson from Vietnam Not Learned
7 Sept '04 submitted Suggests that that most wars are contrived for profit and power.

Crime, Violence and Drug Abuse
1 Sept '04 submitted
Suggests that ill health underlies these issues.

The Many Effects of Toxins
26 Aug '04 - Unpublished. Suggests that toxins (poisons) in many forms underlie an array of unpleasant and diverse circumstances.

Scripps Howard - Jay Ambrose Defends Bush
15 Aug '04 - Unpublished.
Suggests that Jay's got the tough job--defending the indefensible Bush madness.

Police Face Overwhelming Struggle: Heroin and Guns
15 Aug '04 - Unpublished.
Suggests that resources could be better used than in dangerous cops-and-robbers game.

Vaccine Articles One-Sided and Incomplete - 13 Aug '04
20 Aug '04 - Published Sentinel & Enterprise.
Suggests that articles in the paper left out important facts.

US Should Investigate al-Qaida's Ties to Saudis, US Oil
24 Jan '04 - Published Sentinel & Enterprise.
In answer to S&E editorial advising vigilance, suggests that civic vigilance is needed more.

Heroin/Drug Issue Inaccurately Defined, Poorly Addressed
Published 14 Dec '03 Sentinel & Enterprise. Suggests that failed policy, hypocrisy, and misconception haunt the 'war' on drugs.

Defusing Terrorism
Published 20 Sept '03 Sentinel & Enterprise in "It’s My View" feature.
Suggests that terrorism is a response to imperial oppression, not unprovoked hate.

CIA/Niger Uranium/US Hypocrisy in Iraq
Published 1 Aug '03 Sentinel & Enterprise.
Response to Scripps Howard editorial citing "intelligence breakdown" on Iraq.

Iran Deja Vu
25 June '03, Unpublished.
Response to syndicated editorial by Ann McFeatters in the 6/21/03 Sentinel & Enterprise about the recent unrest, revolution and anti-American sentiment in that Mid-East "cauldron."

Media Ownership/Jay Ambrose
13 June '03, Unpublished.
Response to the "Jayster," Jay Ambrose who is at his smug best telling us monolithic media ownership is good for us.

Scripps Howard /WMD
8 June '03, Unpublished.
Response to a Scripps Howard editorial with a rare criticism of its darling GW Bush over WMD in Iraq.

GMO/Ambrose: "Killer Policy"
2 June '03, Unpublished.
Response to yet another contrivance of lies and omissions by Scripps Howard's own corporate fascist, Jay Ambrose, this time about GMOs, or genetically modified "food."

Physician Responsibility
8 May '03, Unpublished.
Response to two local physicians making the case to virtually let doctors off the hook for damaging people.

Beyond Antiwar Protests
Published 27 April '03 Sentinel & Enterprise.
Response to a Scripps Howard jewel saying now that the 2003 Iraq war has started, protesters should shut up :-)

Hatton Response
1 April '03, Unpublished.
Response to citizen David Hatton's 3/31/03 letter (Those who disagree with U.S. military action in Iraq are unpatriotic).

Bin Forgotten
25 March '03, Unpublished.
Response to S&E editorial saying that BushCo avoids mentioning Osama and never discusses him unless directly questioned.

War Editorials Answer
21 March '03, Unpublished.
Response to two S&E editorials crowing about the justification for the Iraq 'war.'

Iraq War Motives
17 Mar '03, Unpublished.
Comments on discussions in the paper about patriotism, terrorism, and war.

Response to S. Ciccolini's Response
Published 3 Mar '03 Sentinel & Enterprise.
Answer to local person's complaint about my 19 Feb 03 letter about soldier's duty to the Constitution, not the president.

Soldier's Duty/Military Respect
Published 19 Feb '03.
Suggests that blind duty and public support for it can lead to disaster for all concerned.

Smelling Salts
Published 31 Jan '03.
Suggests that the truth behind the 9/11 attack would wake America up to what's been going on for decades.

US Scandal History
29 Jan '03, Unpublished.
Suggests that past, proven scandals in US history serve as templates for current behavior of the corporatist government.

Poor Excuses for Iraq Attack
Published 24 Jan '03.
Response to S&E editorial questioning Iraq war protesters.

School of the Americas
18 Jan '03, Unpublished.
Sent to Worcester Telegram. Suggests that the largest terrorist training camp in the world serves private corporate agendas using violence.

European Despotism
Published 11 Jan '03.
Sent to support and qualify a letter by Thomas Nycraft about European despotism making tools of us and taking autonomy out of US politics.

Resource Depletion/Community Growth
Published 23 Nov '02.
Engaging in habit that common sense contraindicates, even when self-destructive and life-threatening.

Peter G. Tocci is a Holistic wellness consultant and health writer dba Associated Health Services in Leominster, Massachusetts.

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