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I'm retired now from this, but I've left the samples posted as an archive.


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GRAPHICS & ARTWORK (Samples Only. Out of Business.)

Using vector, paint, and photoediting applications.
Up to 1200 x 600 ppi in-house scanning, with access to very high resolution if needed.
1200 dpi color laser output/proofing up to legal size.
Intermediate level skills. But, I try harder for less. And NO BS -- if I can't handle it, I won't take it on.

Sample Artwork Thumbnails (click links for more detail).


Center for Frontier Sciences brochure logo


Center for Frontier Sciences journal header


Dance Party flyer header


Stress Intervention Group logo


Healing Heart Health Center logo


Gemini Press logo variation


Gemini Press more fooling around


Pricing Schedule




Using PageMaker 7.

From business cards to custom greeting cards, logos, newsletters and books, I'm here to help.
Intermediate level skills. But, I try harder for less. And NO BS -- if I can't handle it, I don't take it on

Some previous work:

  • Designed and typeset three 80-page issues of Health Consciousness, a cutting-edge Holistic magazine self-published by Roy B. Kupsinel, M.D., Oviedo Florida.
  • Wrote, typeset and published eight 8-page issues of Common ground (sic), a proprietary newsletter containing material on health, politics, business, philosophy, science and education.
  • Have designed, typeset and prepared for the printing of business cards letterheads and brochures for a variety of venues including health, music, massage therapy, stonework and software/high-tech.
  • Designed, wrote and typeset 64-page classmate-profile booklet for high school class reunion. Produced several pages on 1200 dpi laser, with the remainder offset printed.


Sample Layout/Design Work Thumbnails (click links for more detail).

Stress Intervention Group brochure cover


Class Reunion booklet cover


Business Cards A:


Stone Works


Hathaway Memorials



Business Cards B:


Sounds Familiar


Associated Health Services


Business Card C:

Christian Music


Gemini Press advertisement


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