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Symptoms of the Elite Agenda
Manipulation of Human Society

If you are new to the idea of the "Power Elite," this page contains examples of events that are symptomatic of Elite influence and control. The operations (conspiracies) that intend to advance the Elite Agenda of fascist global dominion comprise most of the world's major geopolitical, social, and financial chaos.

For my intermediate summary/description, see Elite Agenda and M-O.

Here is a much deeper analysis [off-site link, new window/tab]. Though not as deep as things get, this one has some good documentation (but flaws as well). Even with flaws, however, it serves well as an overview for people breaking into the conspiratorial view of history, and as a 'working hypothesis' for those who wish to explore an aspect or two on their own.

Be aware that there are varying views on the nature and scope of the Elite. For example, the preceding link says they've been active for about a hundred years, whereas others say centuries, even thousands of years. I hold to the latter view.

Part 1 of this series, The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 1, Overview, looks at multiple aspects of the manipulation of human society by a power hierarchy alternately known as the: 'Ruling Class,' 'Elite,' 'Power Elite,' 'Financial Elite,' and 'Illuminati.'

Part 2/Update of this series, The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 2, Child Protection/Update concerns the satanic/pedophile network underlying family court systems in the US and abroad, resulting in horrific outcomes for children seized by the system, often without justification.

Part 3 of this series, The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 3, Disease concerns the deliberate perpetuation and creation of illness by the system purported to cure illness—the conventional medical establishment, along with corporate adjuncts such as poison/industrial and genetic agriculture, industrial pollution, and the wireless industry.

Part 4 of this series, The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 4, Economics (shown below) discusses highly questionable aspects of conventional economics and its 'laws,' used by the Elite to steal the wealth of nations and the masses, mainly that economies must have constant growth to be 'strong' and maintain prosperity.


The Manipulation of Human Society:
How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 4, Economics

Wednesday, 3/30/11
Updated 4/18/11, 6/7/13, 9/9/16, 1/5/18

Maniacs Prevail?

I must confess at the outset that I'm repulsed by the apparent arbitrariness, contrivance, and convolution of mainstream economic 'theory.' Not very far in, it begins to become self-defining and to insult reason. Therefore, I haven't pursued the study in detai.

Especially insulting to reason is the mantra of eternal economic growth, which is discussed below. My lack of detailed knowledge notwithstanding, I strongly suggest there is a jewel of truth in the following analysis and, especially, in the proposed "Solution" at the end, which if worked out by minds more knowledgable than mine could result in a boon to humanity of epic proportion. Although critical analysis of this presentation is needed, it's an understatement to say that society's manipulators would despise such a development; so it's probably wise to suspect and explore deeply the possibility of ulterior motive in derisive critics.

John Lennon said, Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends...
I agree. And the present form of conventional economics/finance certainly reflects the sentiment.

The maniacs are variously called the Ruling Class, Power Elite, Global Elite, Illuminati, Elite, Corporatocracy, and so on. These entities are not  all on the same level in the power hierarchy. The most fitting term, "Illuminati," often draws huffs of indignant protest from 'all-knowing' scoffers, and one can understand this to a point. But this term best describes how they see themselves—the Illumined Ones, as opposed to their 'subjects' existing in darkness (which they've worked tirelessly to impose).

There is confusion about the ancient (Babylonian) Illuminati and Adam Weishaupt's offshoot, the Bavarian Illuminati. Understanding this is important for 'getting' the depth of societal manipulation, and that they are more than just a band of greedy bastards. Scoffers include, especially, political pundits who are sure that no ancient, secretive entity exists and has been managing human societies for thousands of years, mostly from behind the scenes. It's just too unbelievable for their 'educated' worldview to abide. The Elite rely on such arrogant denial, or condemnation without investigation, which exists even in many progressives. Whichever term is used, however, the more important things are the utter ruthlessness, intent, and modus operandi of this Cabal. Everyone should read Stanford Distinguished Professor of History Antony Sutton's book (with Patrick Wood) "Trilaterals Over Washington" for a clear picture of how power operates in the system, especially the U.S. system. It will change one's notion of the greatest threat to Government—from lobbying/money-in-politics, to infiltration. When the Illuminati's ancient, global secret-society network is added to the picture, things become even more ominous. For a documented c. 100-year period of this in the U.S., see Sutton's "America's Secret Establishment."

Also true is the fact that those who deny most emphatically that there is a conspiracy to micromanage human society have not availed themselves of a considerable body of research to see if there is one.

The defensive scoffing seems to arise most strongly in those whose status might be threatened. That is, having been conditioned (educated), duped, and used as stooges, they've failed to see beyond the more visible daily 'Drama' that distracts them. It's not that all Drama analysis has no value—much has, of course. But analyzing politics and socio/geopolitical chaos in the context of Elite manipulation when appropriate (usually) adds a significant causal dimension. For example, well before the 'election,' Obama was easy to predict for anyone who understands that elections are a staged Drama to give the illusion of change. On the other hand, most progressives had post-BushCo 'hope.' Some analysts, of course, are skillfully part of the obfuscation, and these usually get to be the most famous and respected newsmedia figures.

...if you still own the anchorage slot on a major newscast, you've been bought and sold so many times only repeated plastic surgeries will give the impression you're still attractive enough to peddle your orifices and get a fair price. - Jon Rappoport

Rarely will analysts admit they're dancing with ghosts—conceptual illusions created for effect. Dichotomies such as Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative, Democrat/Republican are divisive mechanisms that constitute fodder for endless bickering in the staged Drama, while nothing fundamental changes despite who's 'in power' (because they're not, really :-) It's always the same force on BOTH sides, controlling new role players. For example, Elite operative Henry Kissinger ran the Nixon and Ford administrations, GHW Bush the Reagan one, Cheney the Dubya one, and so on. However, all such Elite operatives follow orders and execute tactics that advance the totalitarian Global Agenda of the upper hierarchy, or Illuminati.

Motives driving the Elite cabal range from pure greed, to having irresistible power, to satanic. Overriding all this, however, is the drive for total control of humanity. The blueprint is George Orwell's 1984, but 'on techno-steroids.'

Greed is often cited as the prime mover of the Ruling Class, but profit is more importantly a means to control, not just an end. Behavior and tactics are shockingly ruthless and merciless. Shockingly. The unbelievability of what they do is a perfect defense mechanism. For example, powerful foundations are used to advance the Elite agendas of illness and slow-genocide/population-control under the banner of philanthropy.
A good example is the Bill Gates Foundation.
(See also The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 3, Disease:

Elite influence has displaced/is displacing spirituality that reveres the Natural World, substituting religious dogma and Earth-raping technology. The latter is the driving force for the economy so worshipped by its subjects. The Elite thrive on the energy of fear and pain resulting from chaos they frequently cause, especially war. They rely on the knowledge that, properly sold and sufficiently widespread, insanity becomes the norm and is jealously defended by its victims—especially when daily survival is entwined with it.

Thus, a rigged financial/political/social system has been crafted, wherein The People's behaviors and responses would make Pavlov proud. Society has gotten to the point of embracing madness in gradual, ostensibly beneficial, steps. Once the masses are 'hooked' in this way, letting go—if even considered—becomes problematic, even though holding on will be worse ultimately. It's like being on thin ice, hesitating to move for fear of falling through. This hesitation must be overcome by the understanding that the ice is being melted anyway.

Another threat, less overt but no less basic, confronts liberal democracy. More directly linked to the impact of technology, it involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific knowhow. Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. - Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Between Two Ages,” 1970 (Elite operative/Obama handler)

All Hail the Holy Grail

There may be no cow more sacred in the Idiotized Society than the darling of conventional economics, the mantra of eternal economic growthan insult to reason. (Described in Part 1 of this series, the Idiotized Society is the manipulated, oxymoronic condition wherein prosperity and survival have been made dependent upon seemingly appropriate, but ultimately suicidal, ways and means.) True to its name, the Idiotized Society enthusiastically seeks the Holy Grail of eternal economic growth (and development, of course). The system's hypnotized drudges (politicians) look down their noses at street drugs and evil dealers, but are perfectly blind to the threat of the far more deadly, fervently sought, growth drug.

Much is sacrificed for the economy/growth, even the health and lives of our children (for whom, we like to flatter and reassure ourselves, we're doing it all), not to mention our very source of life.

I feel for young people today. They are bombarded from every angle with programming, indoctrination, and chemical suppression of brain activity through additives in their food and drink. The idea is to slam down the lid on their potential and perception so they slip off the production line as sausage machine adults. - David Icke

In less than the last couple of centuries, the highly touted economy and attendant war machines have turned a planet of indescribable beauty into a sh*t hole. Even so, those who effectively question the normalized insanity that has achieved this proud result have yet to be sufficiently heard. It is an absolute wonder to this writer, perhaps testimony to the effectiveness of the Elite's societal programming and control, that there is not constant and clamorous mainstream criticism of the obvious suicidality of eternal economic growth and development with finite space and resources. It is preposterous on its face, and also alien to natural growth processes, wherein things mature, stabilize, and eventually transform in the appearance of death. The drive for eternal growth can thus be seen as one major upshot of the alienation from Nature (no longer in intuitive or instinctive communion with the Natural World, or Mother Earth, as many indigenous tribes are) that is the Illuminati's brand on modern man, especially Western Civilization, and especially White Western Civilization, which race is the home of the ancient Elite bloodlines.

Only by the most outrageous violation of ourselves do we come into conformity with a society bent on its own destruction. - R.D. Laing

It's no secret
As a mainstay of supposed capitalism, incessant economic growth is predicated upon the liquidation of Planet Earth via the extraction/consumption of resources. I say "supposed capitalism" because we don't have real capitalism, as survival-threatening as that is, wherein there is competition among independent entities. We have what one can call "cartelism," wherein competition is virtually eliminated among entities putting on a show of independence, but which are Cabal-controlled (remeniscent of the show called the two-party political system—and you can even throw in the 'Greens'). I use the term "capitalism" with this qualification.

Of course, Earth liquidation is not exclusive to capitalism. Communist/socialist states have been just as reckless. Thus, knowing that the Elite cabal has functioned perfectly well no matter the form of government, we have to admit that environmental stupidity is Elite policy (Lennon's "maniacs"). If society were attuned to the Natural World, rapers of Mother Earth would be considered worse than rapers of human mothers. Exacerbating this travesty is the supporting cast: monstrous waste stream and extreme pollution, all brought to you by runaway materialistic lust drigin the wanton consumption of energy. Social injustice, including virtual slave-labor and economic slavery (called 'good jobs' in the developed world), along with dishonest currencies and rigged money-supply methods, debt/usury-driven economics, market tampering/control, and premeditated national indebtedness are also in play.

"Usury" is generally used to mean 'excessive interest,' but is used here to mean debt interest per se. The dictionary definition itself suggests the depth of the rabbit hole: interest per se is a given.

The difference between slave labor and economic slavery, is that the economic slave makes enough income to be granted credit and dragged into the Elite's system of debt/usury. In election campaigns, the hypnotized system drudges always promise more opportunities for economic slavery to hapless voters. In economic slavery, you get to think you're free and to long for the opportunity to pay for two or three houses to live in one.

As suggested, underlying the unthinking acceptance and worship of growth madness is the conditioned dependence of day to day survival—jobs and all that—upon it. Without growth, the economy of the rigged system falters, which, we are told, is a natural consequence (a 'law' of economics), as opposed to a manipulation intended to keep selling the idea of growth-as-god. What is to be gained by 'selling' growth? Could it be a drug-fix of sorts? A fix for maintaining two otherwise untenable key mechanisms—inflation and usury—contrived by the Ruling Class to enslave and rob the people, no matter what the form of government or economic system?

Even if eternal economic growth were not a contrivance, it would be driven to some extent by the failure of humanity to manage its population level. However, if that were the only force driving growth, it would be much more benign—but still suicidal ultimately, depending on way of life/standard of living. For example, Native American cultures knew about the wheel, but refused to implement it, because they knew it would destroy the earth. And so it has.


There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt. - John Adams

Since he knew about inflation also, Adams might have mentioned it as a third way to enslave, since it is a function of the rigged economic system.

Because inflation has continued since the mechanism claimed to control it in the USA, the Federal Reserve (Elite-owned central banking, that is), was snuck into place; and because inflation must be subtracted from Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to get 'real' GDP, it seems that without growth, inflation would bring the house down. Thus, the planet is continuously 'deflated' to maintain the suicidal system—until it can no longer do so. That day might not be very far off.

Maybe we can't kill absolutely everything, but we are on the path to cutting life on Earth down to nothing bigger than a cockroach, and we will do so, and all of us will die, unless something crashes our system sooner and only kills most of us. - Ran Prieur

The very luxuries we pride ourselves on being able to afford are making us biologically poorer for having them. - Robert Ovetz, PhD, Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Here's a description of inflation from the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia:

In economics, increases in the level of prices. Inflation is generally thought of as an inordinate rise in the general level of prices. Four theories are commonly used to explain inflation. The first and oldest, the quantity theory, promoted in the 18th century by David Hume, assumes that prices will rise as the supply of money increases. Milton Friedman refined the quantity theory in the mid-20th century, arguing that the prescription for stable prices is to increase the money supply at a rate equal to that at which the economy is expanding. A second approach is John Maynard Keynes's theory of income determination, which assumes that inflation occurs when the demand for goods and services is greater than the supply. It calls for the government to control inflation by adjusting levels of spending and taxation and by raising or lowering interest rates. A third approach is the cost-push theory. It traces inflation to a phenomenon known as the price-wage spiral, in which workers' demands for wage increases lead employers to increase prices to reflect their higher costs, thereby sowing the seeds of a further round of wage demands. A fourth approach is the structural theory, which emphasizes structural maladjustments in the economy, as when in developing countries imports tend to increase faster than exports, pushing down the international value of the developing country's currency and causing prices to rise internally.

I'm not sure such gobbledegook lives up to the dictionary definition of economics: "a branch of knowledge"? I suggest it might be called a branch of information, but not Wisdom. We're told that prices rise because labor costs rise because of inflation, which is rising prices :-) Is the self-feeding cycle true absolutely, or might it be so (or at least hugely amplified) only within the rigged system, or insane frame of reference, established by society's masters in the first place?

A concept said to be the enduring basis for unavoidable inflation is the "Law of Supply and Demand." We are asked to believe that economics has immutable laws—like physics has, for example. That's where this writer gets off the train. Natural 'laws' are what they are (whether science describes them correctly or not); whereas economics is significantly impacted by human psychology, especially that manipulated in the rigged system, especially where desire is concerned, which obviously affects demand. Human behavior is often predictable, but human psychology is also malleable and programmable, and a key target of exploitation by the Elite (see "Note" at end of this section). Do we thus have brainwashed people thinking they're free, reacting predictably to stimuli assailing them in the rigged system? That which is considered 'good' is still a trap?

Here's the 'Law': When the money supply is increased in the rigged system (by futzing with interest rates, lowering required bank reserves, or fiddling with money markets), acquisitiveness (engendered and exploited in the Idiotized Society) takes over. The resultant borrowing/spending spree (instigated by a programmed way of life that worships 'Conehead' consumersim as the basis of a strong economy) precipitates consumer price increases—inflation. But what actually increases price? Is it automatic? A human choice/action? Is it driven by necessity? Greed? Runaway materialism?

It seems that an artificial situation has been created around a purposefully amplified natural tendency to exchange and aggregate goods, wherein a delicate money-supply balance must be maintained or the economy lurches. The system's instability begs for trouble, but few are questioning the system itself, only how to manage the stupid thing. Would a sane person create this mess on purpose? Ruthless maniacs might, if they knew they could take advantage of the lurches—and even create them.

After the contrived USA stock market crash of 1929, the Federal Reserve precipitated the Great Depression by declining to support commercial banks (ooops!), who suffered from public runs due to the fractional-reserves scam (see "Debt/Usury" section). The entire Elite operation (Crash/Depression) amounted to a massive transfer of wealth from the unsuspecting to insiders. An attendant problem of the money supply up to now has been that we don't have real money in the first place, but manufactured debt fractionally lended to its victims at interest.

It is suggested that acquisitiveness, which, spiritually speaking, reflects a serious imbalance in the heart, is now too widespread for the realization of a just and balanced society with stabilized prosperity, especially a society desirous of cheap, clean, renewable energy. With the aforementioned imbalance, an energy revolution would only accelerate planetary destruction exponentially, because many more people could then accumulate much more of what they lust for; whereas, the politically correct notion is that it will be our savior, because many more people could then accumulate much more of what they lust for.

Americans, especially, seem to think they're 'called' to indulge material lust without regard to consequences for other peoples and the planet. They have been led to think this is what freedom is about, whereas nothing is further from the truth. Freedom is not about doing whatever one wants, but about being in right-relationship with others. Brainwash plays a big role in damping the expansion of awareness that would put a brake on material extravagance, which can be seen as a desperate, mostly futile, attempt at personal fulfillment.

How about this shorter defintion of inflation: "A persistent increase in the level of consumer prices or a persistent decline in the purchasing power of money, caused by an increase in available currency and credit beyond the proportion of available goods and services." The joke to the Elite must be that people, even educators, agree with this convolution and teach it with serious looks on their faces.

Otuse 'Economics 101' gobbledegook seems to demand the conclusion that inflation is no accident, but is built into the rigged system as a means of stealing wealth, all covered up by eternal economic growth.

[[Note: Here, we can touch on the matter that, most fundamentally, the Illuminati exploit our beliefs and sense-bound perceptions, including our perspective on the Nature of Being. For example, are we 'merely' flesh and blood primarily and rather powerless, or are we energetic/vibrational in nature and capable of extraordinary things? Are we truly separate from others and the Natural World, or is that apparent condition masking our Oneness with what we sensorily observe as 'other'? Is it possible that the more separated we feel from everything, the more easily fears and enemies can be created for us?

While beliefs are shaped with dogma and brainwash, a major tactic for exploitation is to throw chaos at society that is intended, among other things, to create stresses (fear a big one) that reinforce sense-bound limitation/separation, and thus delay or prevent an evolvement of the human psyche that would contravene Elite control. In practical terms, this comes down to the control of society's priorities. Induced chaos includes war, crime, poverty, disease, and financial (survival) stress.

The Elite understand 'human nature' very well, and use even our good qualities against us. For example, loyalty to one's nation is used to sell their phony wars and convince well-meaning individuals to sacrifice themselves in the supposed defense of it. Consider as a working hypothesis, however, that 'government' per se is an anti-tribal Illuminati construct in the first place. It is the divide-and-conquer tactic deployed on a large scale, a form of mind control/conditioning, actually. Once divisions are set, as with Socialism/Communism vs Capitalism/Democracy, Elite operatives function on both sides to foment conflict (this tactic is used on various levels, for example in the staged Elite Drama called national politics, with the alleged 'two-party' system and the red/blue states in America).

Historically, though, there have always been battles between human groups. So there is something primordial, it would seem, that leads man to violence and war. Motivation could be territorial (as with chimpanzees, for example, who will beat to death an individual from another group who wanders into the territory), covetousness, simple hate, and so on. There is also the possibility of genetic tampering in early man by advanced beings, as we now put fish genes into tomatoes, to augment or create a predisposition. In any case, knowing this violent tendency in man, the Elite effectively exploit it. There are few, if any, 'spontaneous' wars, especially big ones. Most are concocted and instigated. War is a racket.
If people understood this clearly and acted accordingly, society might have a chance to rise above the chimpanzee level. But here's an example of part of the problem: My local/state system drudges would rather wave the flag and spout platitudes about justice and freedom on Memorial Day, than speak the truth publicly, trying to avoid the planetary horrors of war, and prevent the sacrifice of the well-meaning! Apparently, clinging to madness is preferable to admitting how duped we've been.

Those in power have no power except by acquiescence of the mass of the sheep to the perceived power that those in power have. - David Icke

The battles of low-tech man impacted mostly humans, who are certainly expendable, especially environmentally speaking. In higher-tech times, however, the planet always takes a gigantic destructive/toxic hit, even from the preparation for war (military sites have perhaps the worst toxic concentrations of any). Typical of dissociated man (de-tribalized, alienated from Nature), the continual destruction of our source of life with wars (accompanied by industrial rape and poisoning) is, to this observer, an obvious form of insanity, sold as an unpleasant but noble endeavor.]]


Central to capitalism, the primary source of global poverty, and securing the Elite's death grip on human society, are banking and currency/credit systems, especially central banking. Put simply, commercial and central banking are legalized crime in respectable clothing. In the late 18th century, five sons of the Illuminati Rothschild family (German, originally surnamed "Bauer") were installed in banking houses in five countries (England first, then Germany, Austria, Italy, and France). The Rothschild banking dynasty was thus generated (bolstered by a huge embezzlement of funds by Nathan Rothschild). Central banking then expanded further, and has been the fulcrum for the enslavement of nations and people. Its primary mechanism is usury. Recall how 'credit' plays into inflation scenarios described above.

WHY does the US Constitution open the door to a national debt ("borrowing Money on the credit of the United States") in Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 2? Is this not insane?

Another allegedly immutable factor cited in conventional, or 'Keynesian' economics is THE interest rate. This is a big question-begger. No one in the mainstream asks why the interest rate, but only how much. Is THE interest rate necessary, or did someone invent it to advance an agenda, including the theft of wealth produced by physical work? Another fundamental historical question is, how did those who conceived of lending money to others at interest get their money in the first place? By means completely honest and aboveboard, surely!

The lending art became quite refined by goldsmiths of old, who invented fractional lending. Fractional means you don't have to be in possession of all the money to be ent out. Using certificates, they could lend the same money to several borrowers at once. Today, it is ridiculous for society to confer upon banks the legal privilege of lending money they are not holding at 11% and more, while paying comparative pittances to savings accounts. Is there a better example of legal crime? It's astounding that mainstream economists, educational institutions, and the newsmedia don't challenge this racket vociferously. Does such silence/acquiescence speak to the level, or depth, of Elite manipulation? We the Sheeple bend over for this, so We bear responsibility for our own enslavement.

Think of the resulting ease of mind and prosperity if money were not stolen from people by inflation and usury (and taxes). Might there be less need for profiteering via market speculations, where no beneficial productivity or service is provided by the earner himself? Might people be able to create their own 'social security' with greater savings?

Economic theorist John Maynard Keynes was a prominent member of the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, which was staged by Illuminati banksters to further consolidate the global dominance of money especially the  US "reserve" dollar, and credit via such organs as IMF and World Bank (the trade agreement GATT was also hatched there, although not made effective until 1947). Within conventional economic hypotheses, or 'knowledge,' containing such unquestioned principles as THE interest rate, these contrivances live on today.

[[Note: Because the Bauers/Rothschilds were/are 'Jews;' and because the banking system that is their evil spawn is a fundamental means of societal manipulation; and because many powerful corporations and the media have been dominated by people called 'Jews,' some proponents of the conspiratorial view of history insist that the central conspiracy to manipulate human society is essentially a Jewish one. This is superficial and erroneous. It is erroneous because the Illuminati have shown themselves over again to be occultists (astrology, numerology, and sun/pagan-god worship) and  satanic (behaviorally but not in belief, necessarily).

Like governments, religions are also Illuminati constructs for mass mind control—useful tools for instigating and reinforcing contentious divisiveness among people. Like many labels the Elite assume for practical reasons, 'Jew' is a convenient and useful means of functioning in society. We see the use of useful labels by most US presidents, for example. The Bush crime family in the USA are officially 'American citizens' and label themselves 'patriots.' But this veneer is used to advance the Elite Agenda: a global fascist, "technocratic" state managed by business.

Perhaps no group in history has been more used and abused by its ruling hierarchy than the people who consider themselves Jews. One of the worst insults is the Rothschild-generated Zionist political movement and the establishment of Israel. Israel was not established as a home for Jews, but as a key means of generating hate and conflict in the region. To its founders and leaders, Jews and Judaism were/are merely useful tools.

And people should know that major 'Jews' financed Hitler and the Nazis, and were behind them all the way. Thus, it can be said, somewhat inaccurately to make a point, that Jews (label-wearing) facilitated the massacre of 'their own' in order to create the political advantage we see today in the cry of 'anti-Semitism,' used at the drop of every hat. Typical of the Elite's love of ruthless irony, that cry is a misdirection, an imprecise and very politicized term. "Semitic" refers to a group of cultures that speak certain languages, and includes, especially, Arabs! It can thus be said, accurately and to make a point, that Israel, with its enmity toward, and historic brutalization of, Arab people, is the most anti-Semitic entity on earth (with the help of the US and Great Britain).

The Jewish-conspiracy thesis is superficial because Elite bloodline families have assumed other religious veneers, including Christian. Thus, some conspiratorialists attribute the central conspiracy to Jesuits, for example. It's not that some so labelled are not involved. The Vatican has been cited as a major Illuminati center, and the concentration of pedophiles in the rank and file lends credence to this idea.

In the end, however, whatever the label is—even the occult and satanist ones, or 'Illuminati,' for that matter—the more salient aspect is the cold, ruthless, maniacal psyche of these entities, and their intent, MO, tactics, behavior, and so on, as revealed in conspiracy research, especially that of David Icke.]]

Corporatism and the "Free" Market

Two other aspects of the suicidal system unquestioned by convention are corporatism and the free market (the latter is not capitalism necessarily). Corporatism here means the legalized existence of the corporation per se, and the progression of this entity to citizen status and beyond. There is no need to recount the level of corporate crime in the Idiotized Society. However, corporatism is rightly praised for generating business, especially jobs, and many wonderful consumer items. But what if we were to rid ourselves of this structural symptom of Elite manipulation and bottom-line greed? With no legal veneer and numerous 'shells' to hide behind, would company operators be less inclined to crime? In doing business, what can a corporation do that a proprietorship or partnership cannot? At least, we could begin by rescinding the charters of criminal corporations. For example, Big Pharma companies that commit 'premedicated' murder by selling drugs whose dangers have been covered up (need I say, Vioxx, for example?). This applies also to Big Biotech.

The free market, also much revered, is defined as "business governed by the laws of supply and demand, not restrained by government interference, regulation, or subsidy" (here we go again with those economic laws). Doesn't it sound as if a corporatist formulated that definition? No mention of powerful individuals and business itself interfering with the market, only that horrible alleged creation of The People. In other words, 'leave us alone and we'll provide society with all the honesty it can stand.'

Having coalesced out of the insults and oppressions of the Illuminati's rapacious European colonial period (Dutch, British, French, Spanish), however, capitalism was forged as a tool for the exploitation of people and planet. In turn, market control/manipulation has been a central tactic for vastly enriching a relatively small sector of profitmakers, while leaving relative crumbs for others (even millionaires, it turns out). Consequently, when has there been a genuine and persistent free market in the mainstream, except in popular 'myth-conception'?

Excellent examples of market manipulation are diamonds and gold. With ruthless chicanery, DeBeers (owners), the Oppenheimers (Elites), turned abundant rocks into 'priceless jewels' called diamonds by controlling mining, cutting, and marketing. Concomitantly, diamonds were promoted via Hollywood, creating the love/marriage mystique around them to generate great demand. As for gold, who, do we imagine, controls mining and markets? And what intrinsic (survival) value does gold have, other than what has been arbitrarily assigned and obediently agreed to by gullible materialists throughout history?

Gold has beauty, doesn't corrode, and has some useful metallurgic properties, but can't itself support life in any way. The only value potentially assignable to it would be the labor required to obtain it. But mining labor has been exploited like any other. Even at that, the cost of what it would take to mitigate the monstrous toxic price to the planet of large-scale operations is not subtracted from the putative value of the product. Like so many, then, the gold market is fundamentally dishonest.

The hoarding of precious metals is highly recommended by many financial advisers to protect the almighty portfolio. There are gold worshippers who seem to think gold has a mind of its own and will eventually 'rescue' the system just by being itself. But in the rhetoric from advisers, analysts, and metal hoarders, there is no hint of concern about what's happening to our source of life from the exaltation of gold, only what's happening to markets, investors, economies, banks and investment houses. This is a blatant example of insanity normalized, and typical human self-obsession. As suggested earlier, this mindset makes easy prey for Elite manipulation and exploitation. It's quite probable, for example, that Illuminati individuals or families are holding enough gold to plummet the value if dumped on the market.

Economists Milton Friedman and Keynes asserted that a free market existed in the US prior to the Great Depression, but that either the free market itself (Keynes) or the Federal Reserve (Friedman) failed. Both were wrong, or disinformers. There was no free market, and the Fed, a premiere Illuminati front, did not fail; it succeeded—in causing the intended Depression, that is (as noted, a massive transfer of wealth).

Both 'brilliant' economists were obedient or unwitting Elite scions who propounded 'Economics 101' theory in order to promote one way or another of running the stupid system; but never questioned the system itself fundamentally. Their common fatal error, or disinformation, was operating on the idea that the economic system has 'laws' that make it self-correcting. Even if that notion were true, Elite manipulation ('law'-breaking) would preclude it.

Solution Too Simple?

To recap, instability has been built into the economic structure in order to steal wealth (in order to gain the power to engender a global fascist human-control system). The Illuminati's international central banks have poisoned the system with usury, inflation, and fractional lending, while propping up/compensating for instability with money-supply manipulations and eternal economic growth. Via manufactured booms/busts, the Elite manage the ongoing theft of wealth (benchmarked with blatant peaks of theft like the 2008 Wall Street bailouts). They use the psychological ploy of a misguided notion of prosperity, within a beguiling system of contrived economic 'laws.' It seems that this baleful condition is popularly tolerated, even embraced, mainly because of the potential for great personal gain for 'anyone,' or at least for the creation of a livable 'comfort bubble' (but with arguably overblown standards). In the Idiotized Society, such behavior has been equated with freedom.

In America, for example, as long as people can gas up the SUV, go shopping, eat 'crapfood,' and watch the game, all seems right with the world; and they will stand by, waving the flag and and letting their Elite-corrupted government and military bomb the hell out of people and planet under false pretenses.

It has been said several times in this series, for emphasis: The system by which society is run is itself the problem, more than how it's run is the problem. This is because the system has been developed gradually over a very long period under the meddling auspices of the Illuminati as a means of enslavement. Therefore, much about it that seems to be good, or taken for granted as ideal/normal, is still a trap. As noted, this includes key aspects such as institutionalized government, per se.

The trap is made difficult to see also because a common feature of Elite-dominated cultures is a dissociated condition of the human psyche the author calls ‘alienation from Nature.’ Missing is the intimate communion and sense of oneness, found in many indigenous cultures, with the natural world - the intuition or instinct that weighs behavior and developments against Earth’s wellbeing. Thus, the artificialized, materialistic world is fascinating to most, despite its suicidal effect. This fascination is exemplified in the juvenile obsession with dangerously pathogenic wireless tech now consuming consumers; and in the moronic, frenzied Pavlovian performances of the audiences and participants on such American TV shows as The Price Is Right, and Let's Make a Deal. One could consider this alienation a generally unrecognized psychospiritual imbalance - an instilled and/or reinforced collective mental illness.

All manner of human filth gravitates to the unbalanced system to take advantage, especially to governments as intended. Because of the deep corruption mediated and nurtured by ruthless power; because of fear and uncertainty; and because people are hypnotized by propaganda and the status quo, the chances of reforming the system into beneficence are not great, absent a remarkable and widespread spiritual (perceptual) evolvement in the human psyche, resulting in a change of priorities. So a huge question exists as to whether the system can be saved from itself. It might be better for folks who can see what a threat the system is to abandon it and make other arrangements if they can, until the system crashes, as Ran Prieur describes so well in the quote in the "Inflation" section.

However, it seems a worthwhile exercise to speculate on what a good mainstream setup would be, because we might need to try to modify the current system as a first step toward its dissolution or transformation into something else entirely. In spiritual practice, for example, the central process is to transcend the 'Ego,' or sense of separate self, and even 'experience' itself. Paradoxically, however, there must be a strong Ego in place before it can be transcended. Perhaps a 'nuts and bolts' monetary/business reform as suggested below will help to set off the needed perceptual evolvement. And once the system is moved in a helpful direction, maybe people can relax enough to begin to let go.

The following outline of 'beneficial madness' is offered as an approach to begin transcending the system. Important details would have to be worked out, of course—by creative minds. Some key prerequisites are assumed as well, one of which is honestly run governments—a pipe dream at this point, but one which is essential no matter the path forward, and whose realization lies with The People. The newsmedia is unlikely to be of much help. People may have to relinquish time consuming distractions—sports obsessions, entertainment, TV, drop-shopping, fiddling with the cell phone, and so on—to gain the time to learn, then come to a consensus (perhaps the most difficult aspect), and ACT accordingly.

Central Premise
The central premise of the new system is simple: The power to produce an interest-free currency and money supply as needed is naturally conferred upon a sovereign government authorized by The People.
A currency should be nothing but a medium of exchange, or standard of value. Money as a store of value and/or a commodity set the system up for corruption.

The new medium of exchange would be a 'fiat' paper currency—no ounce of gold or other 'precious' item is used to value or 'back' it. Complainers about fiat currency, who want to return to the gold standard, fail to consider that the reason gold has served reliably as money is by common fiat as well. That is, people accept it. If I have something you want, but I don't accept your gold for it, your gold is worthless in that case. Universal acceptance by the private sector is all that is needed for the new medium (which must be produced offically and responsibly) to succeed. This acceptance would be required by national law.

Heads would have to come together to establish the standard of value—which might even become uniform internationally, without the creation of a global currency issued by a global bank or NGO, which is a primary goal of the Illuminati control system. Otherwise, exchange rates would have to serve. Fundamentally, four elements come together to produce wealth: The idea, the resources, the labor, and, finally, demand. Of these, labor might be a basis for establishing a standard of currency, since it is the physical realization of the idea. Maybe an individual with more savvy than I will come up with the answer.

In each nation producing honest currency, a genuine federal, or national, or government-run banking system would be created. In the US, for example, the Federal Reserve should be converted to public hands—a real 'Fed,' in other words (it's privately held), and the the criminal controllers ousted. It might be called the United States Bank (USB), with branches across the country. Through this bank, Government spending and interest-free lending could be accomplished. Legitimate need for money would control supply—government payrolls, projects, operational costs, etc, as well as loans for sustainable productivity (NOT the so-called "sustainable development" pushed by the UN). Producing and paying/loaning money should then create no problem of inflation, but support prosperity.

The new system will resolve the corruption of the rigged system that nations, which should be creating currencies and supplying money themselves, 'somehow' end up in debt. WHY and to whom? Could it have something to do in America with "borrowing Money on the credit of the United States") in the Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 2? Being a fountain of debt-free money, the Treasury/USB would have no need to borrow, and the Constitution should be adjusted accordingly.

Only We the People (government, that is) should be affecting money supply, not money markets and privately held banks. Nor should governments charge interest, but should recover principal as a stabilizing influence. Consequently, all institutional lending at interest should disappear. Without bloodsucking usury and fractional lending, privately owned banks (legalized crime) will mercifully evaporate, their buildings possibly becoming outposts of the federal Bank, which would also hold savings and retirement accounts. Another possibility is that each state could create a bank to manage and distribute the new Treasury/USB money, as opposed to having USB outposts everywhere. Maybe credit unions could contribute in this capacity.

A new wage equity is also implied, meaning that, if there is a 'minimum wage,' it is no longer structured poverty; and meaning that the inordinate disparity between the incomes of owners/managers and workers will not stand. Once the new system propagates internationally, slave labor and disruptive disparities in currency standards will resolve.

Speaking of evaporation, it would be nice if, by consequence of the new system, the same thing happened to the stock market and Wall Street, that iniquitous den of avarice, the handmaiden of the Elite's ruthless manipulation of human society.

The new system should especially benefit so-called developing or poor nations, whose resources are now virtually stolen by the banking/corporate complex, and who have nasty dictators, wars, genocide, poverty, and disease inflicted on them by 'respectable public figures' to keep them down. Americans must begin to understand that material prosperity in the developed world is predicated upon devastating poverty in the Third World.

"...But if you know that the U.S. government is merely a tool of a global secret society network - the Illuminati - and the idea is to create as much war and suffering as possible to destroy peace and freedom, you will understand that the chaos and conflict is anything but a 'problem'. Quite the opposite, it's all going according to plan." - David Icke

The Congo is a great example:

Nations now victimized by by lavish and usually gratuitous infrastructure developments foisted upon them by the economic hit men criminals at IMF and World Bank (which two beasts would fast become extraneous with honest  money), will be able to avoid such invasion and the associated debt/tax burdens, while managing their own destinies.
[[Also, Please see Keith Harmon Snow's home page and Africa articles, and consider making a donation.
He is an excellent reporter of "Drama," that is, the important symptoms of the Elite manipulation of human society.]]

The new approach implies that we can eliminate all income tax, sales tax, property tax, and so on, along with the corresponding bureaucracies—a fair trade-off for the additional governmental structure required to run the new Bank. That is, states could get their operating funds from the USB, and counties or municipalities from the states. As this money is spent into the private sector, it would drive the economy.

We must also outlaw the 'volume discount' wherever it exists to destroy competitiveness and disadvantage smaller businesses.

In the new system, the conventional notion of successfulness and prosperity must also evolve in order to avoid even more rapid planetary destruction. To become safely universal, 'prosperity' would have to take on new meaning, centered upon living in harmony with Nature, not upon materialistic hoarding, 'making money' for its own sake including market manipulations. In other words, society would have to become sane, or at least behave so. Prosperity predicated on the egregious rape of Earth to drive the economy/markets and to fill the coffers of corporations and stockholders must be slowed dramatically and ultimately brought to a halt. A simpler, slower, more harmonious and Earth-loving, less techno-addicted, less self-obsessed, more agriculturally based (organic), and cottage-industry way of life is strongly indicated.

It is head-spinning to realize that We People have the power to create widespread physical comfort via an infinite supply of money, based on sustainable need, without incurring national debt or causing inflation. We could go so far as to give each newborn an amount at birth—a survival birthright. What we think we need, however, must be distinguished from selfish desire and the centuries of 'spoiling' induced by Elite psychosocial conditioning. Again, most emphatically: "'Prosperity' would have to take on new meaning, centered upon living in harmony with Nature. In other words, society would have to become sane, or at least behave so." This also implies self-management of population level. If the people don't do so, the Psycho-Elite will—and it's well underway, especially with wireless, GMOs and Geoengineering/chemtrails.

We are left with a key question of whether humanity, in its current psychic condition, or level of Consciousness Evolvement, can actually handle widespread prosperity without destroying the planet—and in short order—via runaway consumerism, and/or such self-obsessions as the American Dream, for example (a nightmare). It's the same idea as giving a deadly weapon to a child, or limitless power to an idiot. Universal material prosperity, without the Wisdom to modulate it, is suicide. This suggests a reason why the the intense polarity of wealth and poverty created by the Illuminati actually serves life on Earth at this point.

A popular notion is that he Third World is an accident of economics: but it was created, and is maintained for exploitation, by Psycho-Elite banksters. Good examples are Congo and Ghana. At even half the current population level, just the average standard of living/way of life ('middle class') in developed nations, never mind the obscene extravagances of multibillionaires (maybe a trillionaire or two?), could not exist globally without rapidly fatal environmental consequences, probably preceded by worse resource wars than we have already. The price of exaggerated wealth 'here' is poverty 'there.' Unfortunately, this also applies to the 'upper' poor level, due to runaway consumerism.

On the other hand, the idea of abandoning the system and making other arrangements also has merit.


As stated in Part 1 and repeated here, the main challenge seems to be not so much how the system is run, but the very system itself and the conditioned perceptions, belief systems, and suicidal way of life informing and being perpetuated by it. From Part 1:

Maybe we need to consider that we're so far down the wrong road, not just politically and governmentally, but in our fundamental beliefs and sense of reality, population levels, and overall way of life, that attempting to rescue government, economics, and finance prior to a remarkable evolution in mass consciousness will be like trying to fix a watch with a pipe wrench. Preventing such an evolution is a primary goal of the Illuminati. What they fear the most is widespread realization that the reality they've been selling and nurturing is a prison—even when it has appeared to work properly and been entertaining.

How deep is the rabbit hole?

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