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What do USS Main, the burning of the Reichstag (parliament building of the Weimar Republic in Germany), the Gleiwitz incident (attack on a German radio station by "Polish terrorists," Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and 9/11 have in common? All were staged or/and allowed to happen to promote desired beliefs among the people, and to promote war—among other things. 9/11 is A MAJOR KEY to unraveling the death grip of the Elite brotherhood on society, because it embodies just about every principle and tactic for advancing the Elite Globalist Agenda.

You will notice, however, as you follow 9/11 links here and search on the Net, that few if any 9/11 "truthers" of any stripe ask readers to focus attention on the overarching influence of the Elite (aka "Illuminati"). Perhaps some folks are afraid of being perceived as a nut and thus having the 9/11 specifics they espouse dismissed out of hand. Others are perhaps just disinfo artists and/or gatekeepers (see below).

Oh, some do speak of fascism, police state, America's drive for world domination, etc. But few if any get down to this point:
"...But if you know that the U.S. government is merely a tool of a global secret society network - the Illuminati - and the idea is to create as much war and suffering as possible to destroy peace and freedom, you will understand that the chaos and conflict is anything but a 'problem'. Quite the opposite, it's all going according to plan." - David Icke

___Without this wider perspective, most 'truth' efforts amount to chasing symptoms as opposed to revealing cause or prime movers (similar to how conventional medicine operates to perpetuate illness). Thus, events change, but the underlying impetus for chaos remains. Example: protests helped end the Vietnam War--but not war per se--which is an Elite tool and a racket. So what we need in a sense is "Holistic politics" that remind us of the larger perspective when analyzing specific events (DRAMA). We need to understand and neutralize or transcend the Elite MO and tactics, which is why I recommend David Icke's book on 9/11: Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster

More and more 'conservative' or 'straight' people (not rabble-rousing axe-grinders or "whackos," in other words) are getting a clue about the deep manipulation of society and the infiltration of government. Here's Paul Craig Roberts, Asst. Sec'y of Treasury under Ronnie Raygun, with some pertinent comments. This pertains to Katrina and New Orleans, but is applicable in general.

One aspect of societal manipulation and control is the international illegal drug trade, which nets more than a half trillion dollars annually. Where/how is this huge sum of money laundered and used? Is there a connection between this drug flow and 9/11?

Prior to 9/11, the Taliban had destroyed the poppy fields in Afghanistan, putting an intolerable dent in the drug-money bonanza. Subsequent to the US attack, the heroin flow has reached its greatest-ever rate. The Kosovo "War" had helped establish the illicit trade route to Europe, but then the Taliban monkey-wrenched the supply side.

If you will keep an open mind and examine the evidence linked below, you may be able to see that 9/11 was an inside job, one of the very likely purposes of which was to restore the heroin flow; that 9/11 was arranged to become the "New Pearl Harbor" to arouse enough anger to support the attack and create the War on Terror.

Very often, unfortunately, people who purport to 'expose' major crime and its perpetrators are elite operatives--disinformers who proceed in a way that supports/protects an official lie, or that distracts attention from the elite, their Agenda, and M-O. This is called Limited Hang Out (LHO), or gatekeeping. This was true, for example, of the 9/11 Commission's report. Deception is achieved in numerous ways, such as steering attention to distractions and minor issues, or by claiming that people are being investigated for 'crimes' whose underlying premise is the lie that's being sold.

In the 9/11 scenario, the unproven premise is that 19 Muslims hijacked planes that hit buildings, giving credence 'in passing' to the questionable idea that terrorism is an independent force unconnected to the Elite Agenda.

The opponents of the official 9/11 story fall generally into two groups called "LIHOP," or 'let it happen on purpose, and "MIHOP," or made it happen on purpose, referring in both cases to the level and nature of 'government' involvement. In the interest of fairness, I include a LIHOP link here, but personally adhere to the MIHOP view. Once one understands the elite and their M-O, no other view of 9/11 makes sense.

9/11 also accelerated the serious erosion of civil liberties with Patriot Act and Homeland Security—both of which are critical elements for the establishment of a fascist state--an elite goal.

The official story says a raging inferno weakened the building's steel enough to cause the collapse. Here's a picture of a woman standing in the hole made by the plane in one of the WTC towers. As horrific as this woman's predicament is, she seems not to be threatened by an inferno.

In addition to a huge group of 'obscure' people investigating 9/11 on the Internet, a growing number of "well known and respected senior members of the U.S. intelligence services, military, and government have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report." Finally, someone has collected them all and created a site that lists them and provides links to their comments. Well worth a look, but includes a number of 'ringers' in my opinion. The point is, government/corporate misdeed is nothing new (what the heck was Vietnam?). In fact, it's an ongoing thing as numerous historical events show; and I find it hard to believe some of these types had no clue about this government crime--especially the career types, who stay the course for their retirements. Always beware disinfo and gatekeeping.

VERY UNUSUAL AUDIO REPORT: An apparent (self-proclaimed, but making a lot of sense) corporate whistleblower provides rare insight in 9/11 investigations. He claims to have found himself pre-9/11 in the midst of significant financial players allegedly involved behind the scenes, and shares info that incriminates some major corporations, and suggests who made/makes the big bucks.
Here's a link to a transcript of the audio.

•• Recently (12/08) Army Specialist April Gallop, who was close to the 'impact' area at the Pentagon on 9/11, has filed a civil suit against former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney, and former US Air Force General Richard Myers who was acting chairman of the joint chiefs on 9/11.

Here are two citizens of note:
1) Sibel Edmonds FBI translator/whistleblower appears to have come right up against a conspiracy to facilitate the attacks. However, her revelation about the NGO spy ring in the FBI is regarded by some researchers as LHO, or gatekeeping.

Sibel Edmonds may hold a major key because she claims to have evidence that the FBI was/is penetrated by an NGO (non-governmental org) spy ring with ties to international drug dealing and money laundering. In other words, there was motive and means to thwart discovery of the 9/11 plot. This doesn't seem too far fetched, given the probable FBI involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (search it).

Her revelations are regarded by some researchers as LHO, or gatekeeping, because they tends to reinforce the official line that 19 Muslim extremists from a terrorist network hijacked planes and hit buildings, when it was an Elite operation, and no commercial planes hit the buildings (see below).

On the other hand, there might be evidence in her case that reveals a deeper truth--that the Muslim 'hijackers' were a bunch of patsies or operatives hired to build the storefront for a sophisticated Elite operation. For me, the most important aspect of her info is the allegation that the NGO spy ring is connected to international drug dealing and money laundering. There are close to a half trillion drug dollars laundered annually, and this is close to the heart of the global Elite conspiracy. The drug connection suggests a powerful motive for creating a mind-blowing 'problem' (WTC attack) to which the people 'react' in a predictable way (fear/hate) that calls for one or more 'solutions' (attack on Afghanistan [restored heroin flow], war on terror, surrender of civil liberties).
State Dept quashed 9/11 links to global drug trade
Interview on
Open Letter to 9/11 Commissioner Thomas Kean
Sibel Edmonds Home Page

2) Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, asking controversial 9/11 questions publicly. Some hard-line researchers think she is a gatekeeper, because she talks about "intelligence failures" and the military stand-down exercises going on that day, both of which tend to reinforce the official line that 19 Arab hijackers from Al Qaida flew commercial jets into buildings (see evidence below contrary to this). Yet, she has managed to get the only congressional hearings on this, and has at least one person in her ranks bringing in the drug connection, which I think is a major issue. She may be wiser than LHO critics give her credit for, using the issues she does as 'Trojan horses.' In any case, her actions and investigations add to the total force of doubt rising up against the BushCo line on 9/11 and terrorism. So, I offer info on her with the caveat that she may be attempting damage control.
Haunting of the White House With Catherine Austin Fitts
Putting Rumsfeld and Meyers on the spot
Recent government hearings (this page doesn't load properly on my system)
Democracy Under Attack Speech at Abyssinian Baptist Church, Harlem 7/31/03

Corporate malfeasance and elite figures behind the scenes
Whistleblower (self-proclaimed) Richard Andrew Grove, provides mind-blowing info about pre-9/11 malevolence in this audio, originally broadcast on the Maria Heller show. He names names and companies, and seems entirely authentic. The audio is about 2 hours long, but well worth the listen. And here is a transcript of it.

* Tale of high-level US complicity in drugs, arms sales, terrorism and 9/11
A "Let-It-Happen" (LIHOP) view (my opinion: LIHOP is a 'gatekeeper' approach that supports the phony 19-Arab hijacker conspiracy theory.)
A "Made-It-Happen" (MIHOP) view - Michael Chossudovsky/Center for Research on Globalization (my opinion: MIHOP rules--but there are 'factions' within this 'school'--see below).

- Below this box are some mostly dead links to the work of Australian 9/11 researcher Gerard Holmgren (links from the domain He is known especially for his exposure of the evidence that no commercial planes (or any planes) were used. He's also known for pointing out dishonesty and inconsistencies in some important players in the "9/11 Truth Movement,"  such as Steven Jones, Michael Ruppert, (see more on Ruppert under the COINTELPRO menu on that page) and 'even' David Ray Griffin (although, in Griffin's case I think it's a question of his trying, pehaps unwisely, to broaden his own appeal, as opposed to being a disinformer).

Unfortunately for the investigating community, Gerard became so disgusted with, as he saw it, the phoniness of the main thrust of the movement, that he finally threw in the towel and pulled down his website at "" Even though he thinks it makes no difference to a 'lost cause,' I value his work and consider its removal a great loss.

Knowing that the site was coming down, I downloaded many of the pages (some key ones are missing). At some point, I may incorporate some of them into this site. Meanwhile, I should be able to provide the essence of many of his arguments to anyone interested.

However, an important remnant of his work still exists on the Web under When you get to the home page, a row of drop-down menus should appear just under the header graphic. I mention this because one of my two browsers doesn't display it. Here's the main page.

Here's a page from 911Closeup that covers Gerard's views on the no-plane theory pretty well: "Why They Didn't Use Planes". It has a few rough spots and disputable assertions, but overall provides reasonable insight into why actually using planes would have been an unattractive idea to the perpetrators.

Here's another analysis on no-planes worth a read. Note the videos of alleged UA 175 hitting WTC2, and slicing in like a hot knife through butter. There should have been at least SOME splattering of aluminum parts on the side of a building designed to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707. Moreover, the impact spanned floors, meaning the wings had to cut through the edges of at least two concrete slabs 4 inches thick with heavy steel pans. Note especially on this page, the "Nosed Out" analysis, showing a clip originally aired live that is obvious fakery.

And in general, you should be able to locate "no-plane" data (and contrary argument from the 'plane huggers') with a search on the Web. Recommend you use Scroogle Scraper instead of the establishment's servant, Google.


World Trade Center Demolition
Demolition of WTC is not absolute proof of elite/gov't planning/execution of 9/11. But it's a crucial indicator/component, since a blatant lie has been told about the facts.
- Scholars for 9/11 truth Fifty academicians and others present evidence of WTC demolition. BUT, also check out Gerard Holmgren's critique of Prof Steven Jones's work. And on this page.
- Peter Meyer/Serendipity
- Morgan Reynolds, chief economist for the Dept of Labor in Dubya's first term talks demolition
Morgan Reynolds makes the forensics case that planes could not have hit towers
Another story about Reynolds

Gerard Holmgren's 9/11 Research - List of articles, wide-ranging and thorough analyses.
"Manufactured Terrorism," Wide-spectrum overview within the MIHOP school, including the "no-plane" theory of 9/11--that something else was used to hit the towers and that no AA flights flew that day at all.
• David Ray Griffin has 'miraculously' been embraced by divergent cliques and groups who rail at each other. He has shown certain weaknesses that raise questions about his integrity. This makes it a challenge for people who are unfamiliar to navigate what's being presented.

Article on Non-Existence of FLIGHTS 11 & 77.
See comments about Edmonds (and other 9/11 'bigwigs') on this page
Holmgren's debate with Salter brothers about no-plane theory
Air Force/NORAD "stand-down" info - a collation of original research between Nov 2001 and July 2002 by Illarion Bykov, Jared Israel and John Flaherty. Predicated at the time on actual hijackings, which have since come into serious question. But important: "The authors demonstrate that had those hijackings taken place in the manner that we were told, then only an air force stand down could have allowed them to reach their targets."
VERY IMPORTANT testimony from WTC janitor William Rodriguez...
... and another.
9/11 streaming-audio truth
Testimony omitted from 9/11 Commission Report—Transportation Sec'y Norman Mineta

Iraq and the Attacks Against It

The Iraq issue is obscured in the mainstream by a monstrous misconception: That the intention was to save Iraq and create a viable government, but that BushCo ‘blundered’. Popular propaganda notwithstanding, the intention was to destroy Iraq, create chaos, prevent/delay the creation of peace and freedom, and keep most of the oil off the market. Mission accomplished.

Another symptom of Elite manipulation of society. Interesting info on this atrocity is the "Downing Street Memo" leaked to the British press in May '05, 2005. It reveals beyond doubt that Bush (and Blair) intended to attack Iraq no matter what, and that the intelligence was being contrived to fit the policy. One of many impeachable offenses by BushAdmin. See also Rep John Conyers, and report in Bangor News. WHERE'S THE FREAKING AMERICAN PRESS? It's taken 5-6 weeks for this to trickle into news coverage here. Surely, a runaway Bush is as much news as a runaway bride.

Two important stories (11/17/05) on BushCo lies
December 2002 letter sent to the White House and the National Security Council by Mohammed ElBaradei, saying Niger story was bogus.
CIA and "perception management" corporation (Rendon Group) concoct phony pre-war WMD propaganda. Ties in NYT reporter Judith Miller too.

Evidence of black operations in Iraq--allied troops disguised as Arabs with explosives
British troops with car bomb

Read incredible details of US bombing of Iraq in Gulf 1. Go to the page and scroll to "The Fire This Time" The level of destruction is mind blowing! Some flag-wavers question the loyalty of the author, Ramsey Clark, citing what they see as his traitorous background. But those criticisms are questionable, and most fall within the call of the Declaration of Independence to scrutinize government. Also, no one can dispute the accuracy of this report. It's how we think we can bomb 'democracy' into existence.

BEYOND TREASON A Stupendous video documentary of US gov't and military abuse of, and experimentation on, men and women in uniform. Even worse: egregious poisoning of soldiers, civilians and the planet with depleted uranium (DU) and numerous chemicals. This is a Satanic act sold under the guise of military necessity.
QUESTION: Why would the military need to use DU on a practice firing range? Could it have anything to do with who really controls the military and their Agenda of slow genocide? Here's a great example of military denial in the face of clear evidence. By the way, Leuren Moret and Doug Rokke (a former military sciences officer and director of US Army Depleted Uranium Project), both featured in Beyond Treason, provide all that needs to be known on this travesty.

Deep gratitude to William Lewis, the director (and to Power Hour) for permission to use the video on my local-cable TV show, Radical Communion.

Final Report of The International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan. ICTA was held in Tokyo beginning in 2002, comprised of professors who heard evidence from many investigators about W. Bush responsibility for the war horrors in Afghanistan after 9/11. NOTE: ZNet's OK, but doing mostly drama analysis, not deep politics.
Traprock Peace Center - Another great connection for Depleted Uranium awareness.

Israeli Assault on Lebanon

British MP George Galloway, who rightfully lambasted Congress about Iraq in a visit to the US in May, 2005, "Tells it like it is" about Lebanon and Hizbollah This is a point of view on the 2006 attack rarely heard in the mainstream (the reason being, of course, that it's accurate).

Police State Planning & Implementation

BigBro wants to know your every move and control you. Thus National ID and microchipping are being pushed:
National ID, or REAL ID:
Boston Globe, "Some Fear Law Would Create National ID"
Congressman Ron Paul's speech
CNET News: "House Backs Major Shift to Electronic IDs"
Take action to prevent "1984"
See also the ACLU page on national ID, called Real Nightmare. This is instructive, because some, including ACLU, are calling for "changes" in the bill to protect privacy. DON'T BUY IT. The ONLY sane and safe move is total rejection of the fascist idea based on a lie: the PHONY war on Terror, in turn based on the criminal inside job that was 9/11.
Microchipping/Total Surveillance:
First step to android-hood - planting microchips in everyone--even the pet
This is a good overview of controlling populations
"Spychips" Great book on RFID: BigBro and X Inc want to watch your every move with broadcasting devices on products, and now credit cards. Here's a quick preveiw:
"Spychips" is the winner of the 2006 Lysander Spooner Award for Advancing the Literature of Liberty and has received wide critical acclaim. Authored by Harvard graduate Dr. Katherine Albrecht and
former bank examiner Liz McIntyre, the book is meticulously researched. "Spychips" draws on patent documents, corporate source materials, conference proceedings, and firsthand interviews to paint a convincing -- and frightening -- picture of the threat posed by RFID.
CHECK OUT Java - Here's an ad posted on YouTube bragging that this technology is everywhere. Ominous seduction. [[showing 'connected' cell-phone SheepleBots ambling by]] "It's everywhere you look--and yet invisible." "Are you ready?" "One architecture--JAVA--connecting everyone to everything." "From the data center, to the edge." If this one doesn't give you pause, forget it--you're already Borg.
Cell phone spying.
Check out this newsclip on YouTube about the ability og BigBro to listen through your cell, even if powered down, using the locator chip. The amazing thing is that this is on FOX :-)

No Child Left Behind — the Military, that is:
Provision in this act requires schools to release kids' personal info to military for recruiting. No child left behind all right! There is an Opt-Out provision, and school districts must notify parents of this choice. Parents must then write a letter to Opt Out. Here's a link that will help you with that. However, Opt Out is sneaky and backwards. It should be Opt In.
Here's a suggested letter to send to your Congressman:
Please support H.R.551, the Student Privacy Protection Act of 2005, which amends section 9528 of No Child Left Behind. H.R. 551 prohibits military recruiters from contacting students unless these minors and their parents specifically "Opt-In" and consent to receive such communications.

Video on Military Commissions Act--Death of Habeas Corpus, the Fascist State advances. PLEASE note: This video (William Lewis speaking) quotes the Constitution: "The privilege of HC shall not be suspended unless when cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public safety may require it." In other words, it's NOT a right, and if the people rebel against an unjust government (Declaration) HC can be suspended. SO, potential oppression is written right into our document of so-called freedom. Thus, one could ask, how much was really lost in the latest insult?


This is a complex and challenging issue, about which I have little expertise. I just put this section on the site (10/3/05, my dear mother's birthday--RIP), and will continue to add links I feel are interesting and helpful.

Some people say the world's oil supply is, or will shortly be, running down. In other words, the global supply has "peaked," so that production cannot be increased to meet current or increased demand. Others hold that the earth constantly generates oil, and that the supply is virtually infinite. People on both sides are adamant. My position is that we should behave as if the former is true, whether it is or not.

There are more than 700 million cars on the road worldwide. We must engage in extreme conservation until the energy future is visible. We cannot afford environmentally to burn every last drop, and we will surely asphyxiate ourselves and the planet beforehand. And it's such a filthy industry anyway. Conservation has the potential of buying us some time to meet the challenge.

The "hitch" is, however, that the Elite may be in a position, and be willing, to create the decline of oil, crashing the global economy and even wiping out a few billion people. They will then emerge as the supreme global masters, with their own currency, military, and possibly a microchipped population.

Still others say that technology will pull a miracle from its butt and come up with the answer--the replacement for oil. Here is one discussion on this matter from a proponent of the Peak Oil crowd, concerning some requirements (the Nine Questions) that have to be met by any new source of energy.

Here is one dicussion about infinite oil that argues against the Nine Questions above
--and a followup.

Katrina/New Orleans

Tales of the terrible handling of the Katrina disaster have long ago hit the mainstream. It was so bad, in fact, that it struck some people as intentionally letting people die. A reporter named Shepard Smith of FOX News appeared on the Sept 2 Hannity & Colmes saying, for one thing, that people were prevented by authorities from moving to safety. Here is one example story, a firsthand account by two visitors caught in a New Orleans hotel. I offer this with some caution, as it is not explained why these two from California did not leave when the warnings came. Larry Bradshaw and Lorrie Beth Slonsky.


Organic Consumers Association Newsletter! Scads of industrial-ag, organic, health and consumer info
Organic Consumers Home
NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council/Robert Redford
Jimmy Walter's Walden Three- interesting site about sustainable future

Assault on Forests

Everywhere, forests and their inhabitants are dying before the voracious wave of logging driven by oblivious Conehead consumerism:
Brazil tribe faces annihilation by loggers
Siskiyou Grandmothers Sustain Campaign for Trees
Mahogany logging in Peru is devastating
Illegal Loggers Decimating the Amazon and Inciting Tribal Genocide - truly a sad story

Here's a great example of suicidal Catch-22 logic:
Lumber firm says environmental safeguards are at risk if it can't cut more trees.

There is talk of conservation in Africa. Unfortunately, this area is under the watchful eye of the WWF, a major elite front.
African Loggers Begin to See the Light in Forests

Russia's pristine forests are the lungs of Europe. But vast swaths are being destroyed by global warming and logging greed--and ill-equipped firefighters are powerless to act...

From NRDC:
In a heartbreaking blow to scores of species that depend on Alaska's Tongass and other old-growth forests for survival, the Bush administration has officially repealed a rule banning roadbuilding and logging in unspoiled areas of our national forests. Issued more than four years ago with the support of millions of Americans, the Roadless Area Conservation Rule was one of the greatest forest conservation measures in U.S. history. NRDC will fight the administration's decision with every legal option available and we will be calling on BioGems Defenders to help halt projects that endanger roadless areas.

And also the 'beaners':
The Amazon at Risk (killing the forest for Soybeans)
The New York Times | Editorial, Tuesday 31 May 2005

Brazil busts major Logging Ring

Drug War

LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Support regulation rather than prohibition.
Story about LEAP

Chemtrails/EM Weapons--Truly Insidious Evil

Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons... by Amy Worthington
Chemtrails-Contrails Clifford E Carnicom (DVD video available)
That Strange "Cold" Everyone's Been Getting Dr. Len Horowitz interview
HAARP Insidious military electromagnetic emission system. Chemtrail connection?
Earthpulse... Plethora of info on HAARP and other elite technology for mind control, disease, slow genocide
Chemtrails and barium link to MS. Technical piece, but useful (PDF)
"High level contamination by natural and industrial sources of the alkali earth metal, barium (Ba) has been identified in the ecosystems/workplaces that are associated with high incidence clustering of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases such as the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Analyses of ecosystems supporting the most renowned MS clusters in Saskatchewan, Sardinia, Massachusetts, Colorado, Guam, NE Scotland demonstrated consistently elevated levels of Ba in soils (mean: 1428 ppm) and vegetation (mean: 74 ppm) in relation to mean levels of 345 and 19 ppm recorded in MS-free regions adjoining.
The high levels of Ba stemmed from local quarrying for Ba ores and/or use of Ba in paper/foundry/welding/textile/oil and gas well related industries, as well as from the use of Ba as an atmospheric aerosol spray for enhancing/refracting the signalling of radio/radar waves along military jet flight paths, missile test ranges, etc...."


See my articles on Meaningful Health Care Reform and Alternative Medicine
Sick of Doctors Uncensored health news
Nutrition Institute/Gary Null Gary Null is a well known and respected health advocate
FDA - read former FDA Commissioner Herbert Ley's description of how the agency functions

Environmental Nuclear Radiation - Devastating Impact on Health
The Low Level Radiation Campaign

See my article on vaccination
Great Anti-VAX Video providing most of the reasons to avoid the poison needle. CAVIAT: Dr Kalokerinos mentions that AIDS will force medicine to rethink vaccination, since unlike any other "disease," HIV anitbodies mean you're doomed. But this is based on the unproven assertion that HIV causes AIDS.
Rebecca Carley, MD Opposes AMA, CDC etc: "Inoculations: True WMD." Great Overview
Vaccine Liberation
Vaccine Ingredients PDF (right-click or Option-click (Mac) to download
Vaccine Package Inserts
Vaccines and Immune Suppression (technical)
State Exemptions
Help in Avoiding Vaccines The Irrepressible Dr. Harold Buttram
Vaccine/Flu Information
More on FluMist
United Press International investigates: The Vaccine Conflict
Examples of Flawed Vaccine Safety Studies:
MMR-Autism Debate - Danish Study by F Edward Yazbak, MD
MMR Studies that Count, Studies that Don't
MMR-Danish Study-a critical analysis---Ulf Branell

Cell Phones/Microwave - Cell phones are what tobacco was 40 years ago--and worse.
Cell phones: Communications for the 21st century... Amy Worthington. Overview, links:
Microwave News
Electromagnetic Radiation Network
Federal Report: Data Doesn't Address Safety
Brain Cancer Risk
Newest Teen Addiction
Mobile phone use in rural area triples cancer risk
"The Largest Biological Experiment Ever" GREAT read published in indy mag Eldorado Sun
••• Here's the first of a 15-part in-depth interview of Dr. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute (May 21, 2008) on the danger of microwave, which technology has been so thoughtlessly embraced as a big thrill in the toxic consumer orgy (worshipped by "shoppers," "economists" and "leaders").
Here is also a Google video link, but the parts are tricky to access because they're not numbered and not arranged in logical order (but show up if you mouse-over).
    ***Please also consider the implications of the fact that the industry is acutely aware of this danger, and was so before it launched this madness and got people hooked. And in spite of thousands of scientific reports, the industry still denies and denies. But maybe we shouldn't worry, because, after all, all this is sure to support tremendous growth in the medical industry.

Cell phone spying. Check out this newsclip on YouTube about the ability og BigBro to listen through your cell, even if powered down, using the locator chip. The amazing thing is that this was on FOX :-)

Corporate/Medical Malfeasance & Crimes Against Humanity
AIDS Rethinking the AIDS threat and the preposterous HIV theory (see also my short essay on HIV)
Bird Flu Scam - No sense in reinventing the wheel. Sepp Hasslberger's excellent compendium.
Dr Sherri Tenpenny's interview on Proliberty (Idaho Observer).
Dr Tenpenny's home page - look for vaccine info there.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's article "Another Flu Vaccine Push Coming Soon" (11/20/06)
SARS (Sickening and Repulsive Scam) Dr. Len Horowitz
Pharma genocide Charges filed with International Court
Shaken Baby Syndrome - a phony diagnosis
The Fluoride Education Project - fluoridation, aka, how to sell industrial waste
Fluoride Action Network
Battle of Darkness and Light - on fluoride, history, effects - Mary Sparrowdancer
The Miracle of Depleted Uranium (DU) Munitions: Poisoning the world and our troops
The Miracle of Depleted Uranium (DU) Munitions: Same story as above, backup link
Iraqi Birth Defects from DU Munitions--if you dare look
Speech on 17 May '05 by Rep Jim McDermott on DU munitions
More on DU on Serendipity - good all-around page with many links

Chemical Assault on Young Brains
TeenScreen - No Child Left Un-Drugged

Rutherford Institute Attorneys Sue Indiana School for Conducting Mental Health Screening Exam on Teenager Without Parental Consent. Teen privacy concerns spur suit over psych test.
Text of the Law Suit against the Indiana school officials=PDF
Fierce Opposition Arises to Teen Screen
Informative link on TeenScreen
Drug Awareness Org - Excellent comprehensive reference site
PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS - Engineering Children - Superb piece by Truth advocate Sepp Hasslberger
Aspartame Toxicity
Monosodium Glutamate (emphasis on disruption of appetite control and resulting obesity
"Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by HJ Roberts, MD. Definitive book, at 1038 pages.
Dr. Roberts's home page

Industrial toxins--stories about poisons, suggesting the cumulative interaction (synergy) of them:
Global Cancer Epidemic
Dangers of Teflon
Global PFOA Pollution - US Accuses DuPont of Hiding Facts
International Trade Kills Honeybees and Poisons People
Mother's Lament: Breast Milk Poisoned
Environmental Toxins and Mental Retardation
  American Association on Mental Retardation website
Do you think we should keep using nuclear power? Check these out:
People poisoned by released material - 1
People poisoned by released material - 2
Hanford Nuclear Reservation cleanup

Health Freedom
National Health Federation - long-time fighter for justice in health

News Sources

There is so much crap and disinformation out there in the news today, extreme caution and responsibility must be employed when reading/conveying controversial material. This means vetting everything carefully and verifying sources. Here's a great example: So-called truther and conspiracy writer Texe Marrs, writes about the "Jewish" control of Hollywood and the media. It's clear from his language that he's got a prejudice problem. However, he not only omits the critical distinction between Jew and Zionist, but presents a quote that can be found repeated all over the Internet—except at the claimed source.
He says: "Shahar Ilan, writing in, the internet division of Israel's top daily newspaper, commented, 'The Jews do control the American media. This is very clear, and claiming otherwise is an insult to common knowledge.'"
Among all the 'reporters' repeating this, not ONE I could find provides a link to this juicy comment. A search revealed nothing on OK, possibly it was pulled. But someone somewhere had to have had a direct link at some point. There is none. Thus, the quote holds no water for me. If anyone finds a link, PLEASE let me know. Even if a link exists or existed, however, this caution about reporting would still be valid.
The key point is, that even if there are many Jews in key positions in the media, The most important thing is whether or not they are Zionists. Our real nemesis here, and enemy of most Jews as well, is, as David Icke calls it, "Rothschild Zionism," which is ruthless, Illuminati political dogma, opposed by many Jews. And some of the worst Zionists are so-called Christians. Disappointingly, however, even Icke, in his Newsletter of 12/12/10 about the critical distinction noted above and about Rothschild Zionism, makes the mistake of repeating this unsourced assertion. So be careful out there.

Be wary of sites that merely collate news articles from various sources, especially mainstream, but also alleged "alternative" or radical ones. Most news tends to be superficial and drama-oriented. The alternative venue is well infiltrated. This is how the Elite operate. Also, disinformationists are liable to favor articles that support whatever misdirection they want to reinforce and perpetuate.

"Alternate" News (Always beware limited hang outs)
MadCow Morning News Lots of conspiracy exposure, incl Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal
Serendipity - Well organized and thoughtful site, with the radical flare.
Serendipity/Peter Meyer's letter to William Rivers Pitt, who was writing for at the time (I call them "Half-TruthOut." Almost exclusively Drama Analysis.
thepowerhour Internet radio
globalresearch Center for Research on Globalization. Generally very good, even dipping into deeper matters.
FutureFastForward Website of Malaysian activist Matthias Chang. There's a lot of Drama Analysis, but I know that overall Matthias is honest because he posts my stuff :-) Matthias is involved. He helped organize, and was on one of the ships that attempted to bring, relief to Gaza in May of 2010. Prior to that, he went on a prolonged hunger strike in jail to protest being jailed for opposing an abusive judge. He talks the talk and walks the walk.
Greg Palast Reporter for the BBC, banned in US. Mostly Drama Analysis, though, not deep stuff, albeit penetrating and useful. My friend Michael Nield's highly informative site—LHO-free :-)
policestate roadmap Michael's excellent summary of elite ops--LHO-free :-) "in-depth reporting of crime and corruption in high places" Website of "investigative reporter, and arch conspiracy theorist," Fintan Dunne. Seems, however, to have quite a superficial concept of the Elite and the "New World Order." For example, he asserts that because China and others thumbed their noses at Obama and "the Wall Street crew" at the climate conference in Copenhagen on "the global warming scam," that this means, or is evidence of, the collapse of the NWO. Apparently, he thinks the Illuminati operate/manipulate only in the West. And implying that China is some kind of good guy is questionable to say the least. Exposing the coup, opposing the occupation. Good news collator, but I don't 'trust' fully--mostly Drama Analysis.

MOR Alternate News (Always beware limited hang outs)
Information Clearing House Amazing site for one guy's work
Axis of Logic

Radical Sites
David Icke Ultimate rad. Icke has been accused of disinforming. If so, I say it's not lack of sincerity--just that no one's perfect. Overall, there is no one I've read or heard of who does a more thorough and revealing exposé of the Illuminati and the depth and extent of their manipulation of society.
This latter point is critical, because the problem may not be merely the way the system is run, but the very system itself. That which we have been coinditioned to worship, and what many people and pundits want to "restore," is a prison in freedom's disguise.
Icke's books are stunning in depth of historical detail, and his talks (done without notes) are awe-inspiring. Jon Rappoport, investigative writer, author AIDS, Inc
Illuminati News - Good site by one guy who's aware of the elite cabal and power structure.
Jeff Rense - Sometimes unsupported/flaky stuff, but overall a worthwhile perspective. Web radio for truth, some hype and Alex Jones. Deeper news and the war for your mind. Some radical stuff, but caution recommended. Jones sometimes unprofessionally makes cases where none exist to create an effect.
But there is good info to be had on these sites, because all good disinfo contains much truth (that's the hook). With work, some research, and practice, you can begin to learn how to distinguish. But beware heavy commercialism—such as you will see on Jones's sites.


AMERICA:FROM FREEDOM TO FASCISM This is film producer Aaron Russo's documentary on the criminal, UNconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank, a tentacle of the Elite's international central banking system, which has a death grip on most countries of the world. It is NOT a federal organ, but a privately held corporation, and you can't even find out who all the owners are. Yet, it controls our currency system, money production, and the entire economy. GET the DVD and watch this movie. Also, caution recommended in re the section on income tax/IRS.

International Forecaster Bob Chapman - The straightest radical you'll ever meet, although he recommends buying gold/precious metals, whereas mining is a planet-destroying behavior and an industry/marketing controlled by the Elite.
The Debt and Real Estate Bubble Audio interview with John Rubino - IMPORTANT
Where is the Money? Trillions of dollars 'missing' from DoD and HUD
***Highly Recommended*** The Financial Endgame Slowly Plays Out - Conspiracy to crash currencies - by Nigel Maund
***Highly Recommended*** Congressman Ron Paul on government reform (real issues being ignored). However, Paul is nowhere on 9/11 and only half correct when he talks about currency. The problem is not fiat currency per se, but the mismanagement and abuse of it. Nor is gold-backing the answer as Paul insists. As noted just above, gold is the planet-destroying toy of the Illuminati. Also, it has no intrinsic value, but only what is arbitrarily assigned. And it makes no sense for a standard of value to be a commodity also.

Rays of Hope and Planetary Healing

Metahistory, Gaia and Gnosis - Beyond the programmed scripting of consensus reality
Transitions Radio Magazine - music, special features, guest interviews, cutting edge information and practical resources
Deena Metzger - She lives "at the end of the road with the wolves, Akasha and Blue."
Dream Change - Transformation, Activism, Environment


Popular Mechanics is owned by Hearst Publications, notorious for shoddy reporting. Most notorious was the false claim that Spain blew up the USS Maine in Havana harbor which was the pretext for the Spanish-American war. Hearst story here.

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