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Symptoms of the Elite Agenda
Manipulation of Human Society

If you are new to the idea of the 'Power Elite,' this page contains examples of events that are symptomatic of Elite influence and control. Most of the world's major chaos comprise the operations (conspiracies) that intend to advance
the Elite Agenda of global dominion.

For my intermediate summary/description, see Elite Agenda and M-O.

Here is a much deeper analysis [off-site link, new window]. Though not as deep as things get, this one has some good documentation (but flaws as well). Even with flaws, however, it serves well as an overview for people breaking into the conspiratorial view of history, and as a 'working hypothesis' for those who wish to explore an aspect or two on their own.

Be aware that there are varying views on the nature and scope of the Elite. For example, the preceding link says they've been active for about a hundred years, whereas others say centuries, even thousands of years. I hold to the latter view.

Part 1 of this series, The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? is an overview that touches on several aspects of the manipulation of human society by a power hierarchy alternately known as the: "Ruling Class," "Elite," "Power Elite," and "Illuminati."

Part 2/Update of this series, The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 2, Child Protection/Update (shown below) concerns the satanic/pedophile network underlying family court systems in the US and abroad, resulting in horrific outcomes for children seized by the system, often without justification.

Part 3 of this series, The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 3, Disease concerns the deliberate perpetuation and creation of illness by the system purported to cure illness—the conventional medical establishment, along with corporate adjuncts such as poison/industrial and genetic agriculture, industrial pollution, and the wireless industry.

Part 4 of this series, The Manipulation of Human Society: How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 4, Economics discusses highly questionable aspects of conventional economics and its 'laws,' used by the Elite to steal the wealth of nations and the masses, mainly that economies must have constant growth to be 'strong' and maintain prosperity.

Note: After Part 2 was originally posted, additional information about the child protection system and a case cited in the original article was sent to me by  the mother of woman whose children were stolen and given to an abuser by the Riverside (California, USA) Superior Court, Indio Family Court. This case was originally outlined as an example of this widespread horror show. The update is contained in the box below.


The Manipulation of Human Society:
How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole? Part 2, Child Protection/Update

Wednesday, 1/5/11
Updated 4/16/11, 1/5/18

The term 'Illuminati' often draws huffs of indignant protest from all-knowing political pundits and others who are sure that no such ancient, secretive entity exists and has been 'managing' human societies for thousands of years, usually from behind the scenes. It's just too unbelievable, apparently. That arrogant denial, of course, is what the Illuminati count on. It seems that part of the reason some pundits feel the need to scoff, aside from the threat to their 'educated' worldview, is that admission would jeopardize their status. Some, of course, are consciously part of the problem.

Political pundits rightly see themselves as valuable analysts. Rarely will they admit they're dancing with ghosts—conceptual illusions created for effect. Dichotomies such as Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative, Democrat/Republican are divisive mechanisms that provide fodder (Drama) for endless bickering, while nothing fundamental changes despite who's in power (because they're not, really :-) It's always the same force on BOTH sides, controlling new role players. For example, Elite operative Henry Kissinger ran the Nixon and Ford administrations, GHW Bush the Reagan one, Cheney the Dubya one, and so on. However, all such Elite operatives follow orders and execute tactics that advance the fascist, totalitarian Global Agenda of the upper hierarchy, or Illuminati.

The Elite can be seen as sociopolitical 'scripters,' setting the stage and creating roles nearly like playwrights. The creation of chaos (such as  9/11, phony war, and terrorism) whose 'solution' advances the Agenda is a central tactic in the Elite MO. Therefore, I call the daily issues, crises, and chaos that keep pundits churning, 'Drama.' The analysts of the socioplitical mélange are, therefore, 'Drama analysts.' It's not that Drama analysis isn't useful or even necessary to expose crime, injustice, and so on, it's just that most of the time it's out of perspective. That deficiency creates a situation similar to what conventional medicine is doing: managing symptoms while the underlying disease rages on. This recalls a familiar theme of the Idiotized Society (see Part 1), wherein entities, such as the conventional medical establishment, tend to perpetuate, even cause, trouble in order to ensure demand for their ministrations. Consciously or not, political pundits need the Drama they're attempting to resolve; and getting to deeper cause would not serve.

It's a fine, but critical, point: Drama needs to be understood for what it is—a symptom of Elite manipulation. For example, it helps to dispel the naive notion that a change in leadership is going to make a truly fundamental difference—Bush to Obama, for example. Both serve the Elite Agenda, and neither had/have autonomy of action. They mostly do as instructed. Bush's immediate handler was Cheney. Obama's is Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Illuminati front organization, the Trilateral Commission.

Part 1 of this series was inspired by the need to suggest that the peaks of banking fraud in recent years are nothing new, really—just another episode, albeit intense, in a long history of monstrous thefts of wealth of various stripes. It is suggested that the most unsettling chaos we face today—planetary destruction, war, rampant disease, economic/banking crises, terrorism, poverty, theft of wealth, and more are all symptoms of Elite manipulation. Part 1 said, above all, that the matter of how deep the rabbit hole of societal manipulation goes should remain an open and active question. We need to know absolutely how much of what we perceive as 'good,' and what we want to 'restore' or 'get back to,' is still a trap.

This part addresses a particularly villainous symptom of Elite manipulation seething under the auspices of 'good': The egregious abuse of children by the bureaucracy purported to protect them, that is, Child 'Protection' Services. Of course, many adults (parents, relatives, and so on) suffer horribly as well.

Child protection (CP) is known by various names, depending on country/state of origin. In Massachusetts, USA, for example, it is known as the Department of Children and Families. In the US, CP bureaucracies are managed under doting federal tutelage: EOHHS, the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Like many ostensibly beneficial bureaucracies, such as the FDA, HHS does some public good, but also like the FDA, it is first and foremost the lapdog of the Pharma-Medico cartel, which entity includes, especially, the drug-dealing psychiatrists. In turn, this cartel, like much of the wider corporate community, is the handmaiden of the Elite, whose most direct business involvement is banking, especially central banking.

Few people could have serious doubt about the capacity of human individuals for insanity and evil. But in the case of CP, it seems we have central government providing a framework and incentive for the institutionalized propagation of evil against children (see videos cited below). It's not that absolutely no good is done by these agencies, but it does seem they should be adhering to the healing principle that conventional medicine shatters: "First, do no harm."

A human rights organization in Massachusetts, USA, notes that over 500,000 children are in state custody at any one time in the United States. Many of these have been wrongly seized and are terribly mistreated. Some suffer outrageous psychiatric drug administration. In one instance, foster kids were gastrically intubated and force-fed AIDS drugs experimentally
Many kids are fostered into horrible conditions, including physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Some children disappear entirely.

Further, it's no secret, governments are famously subject, not only to the influence of, but to the literal infiltration by, representatives of interests whose goals threaten citizens. Historically, this includes Elite operatives (often 'prepared' by passage through one or more secret societies or Illuminati front organizations) placed into governments via 'election' or appointment who serve and advance the overall Agenda and its subscripts; in this case, the CP tactic of being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Two examples of Elite operatives exerting control in the US are Colonel Mandel House, adviser to Woodrow Wilson (see Wilson's quote below) and Henry Kissinger, who ran at least two US administrations: With Nixon, he sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam; and with Gerald Ford, paved the way for Indonesian Dictator Suharto's massacre on East Timor. That Kissinger still walks free after his numerous crimes against humanity, and is even still a respected speaker and commentator, strongly suggests Elite connection and protection.

Important Videos
Before proceeding, the reader is requested to watch the short videos on the page linked below, about the perplexing deaths in March, 2010 of children/family advocate State Senator of Georgia, US, Nancy Shaefer and her husband. These deaths have so far been officially defined as "murder-suicide," but much doubt exists. In the videos, Senator Shaefer does an excellent job of putting Child Protection Services into perspective. Later, we have two striking cases to support the assertion that child victimization and abuse is systemic. If, as suggested in Part 1, our sociopolitical system itself is a symptom of Elite manipulation, one is left with the conclusion that such behavior is a psychological characteristic of the Illuminati and their minions.

The title Child Protection Services recalls a central, Orwellian Elite tactic: Naming things the opposite of what they really are, or do. Great examples are the "Clean Air Act" and the "Food Safety Modernization Act." A great way to run drugs (a key Elite operation) is through an ostensibly legitimate agency or anti-drug program. If you want to oppress and murder a population, do it through 'aid' agencies, such as the International Rescue Committee

For more excellent articles on the 'Western' and 'corporate' (i.e., Illuminati) rape-destruction of Africa, look for the 'Africa stories' by Keith Harmon Snow on his home page 
(While Snow fingers the 'respectable' organizations, people, and programs behind African travesties, including genocide, he doesn't make the connection to the Illuminati power hierarchy per se. Thus, denialists won't be put off and can still get a clear picture of the evil conspiracies at work and the 'upstanding people in high places' that run them.

Senator Shaefer explains how federal money fed into state programs when seizure/placement quotas are met ensures the ongoing outrage, examplifying the purposeful perpetuation of threats or challenges in the Idiotized Society. Not to mention significant profits. So it is, according to Senator Shaefer, with the biting swarm of professionals lurking in CP circles, from judges and lawyers to drug-dealing psychiatrists. The hosting site is based in the UK, which has its own CP nightmare, indicating a global problem and suggesting that this is trickle-down from the Power Elite. Please see videos:

The Macrocosm:
An abominable, and what should be a totally infamous, case in the US but for media control (symptom of Elite manipulation), came partially to light, beginning in the late 1980's in the US when sex stories began to break. Two well-documented books have been written about this huge scandal that reached into the Reagan/Bush (Bush/Puppet, actually) Whitehouse. The first is The Franklin Coverup: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska (Second Edition, 1996, 411 pages), written by another courageous state senator, Nebraska's John W. DeCamp and published in May, 1992. An excellent recent text is, The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal, by Nick Bryant (2009, 650 pages).

What began as an investigation into a financial swindle at an Omaha, Nebraska, USA credit union turned into a sordid tale of drugs, Iran-Contra money laundering, a nationwide network of child abuse, and ritual murder. All this involved supposedly upstanding people in high places—including denizens of Washington, DC. But after a single splash in the Washington Times, it somehow disappeared from the news. The text of the major article in the Washington Times is here: and includes a link to scanned images of the article.

John DeCamp was the first to provide a comprehensive report on participants in the unbelievable scenario: Satanists and pedophiles are placed in key positions in politics and the legal system, and depth of coverup: The FBI was used to prevent full investigations. For example, the director of the credit union was one Lawrence King. A scenario which reveals much about society's deceptive veneer: King sang the national anthem at the Republican conventions in 1984 and 1988, while he was supplying children for politicians and others at the conventions and elsewhere.

A quote that speaks to the matter of Elite manipulation comes from the Foreword to the 2nd Edition of DeCamps' book: What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face. — Former CIA director William Colby, giving advice to his friend DeCamp, urging him to quit his investigations. Fortunately, DeCamp did not listen to this advice, and thus we have the book. But, as head of the Elite/corporate-servant, drug-dealing spy agency, Colby certainy made an interesting point.

A quote from Woodrow Wilson in his book The New Freedom (1913) sheds further light:
"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacturing are afraid of somebody, afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

Is that "power" a cabal of ancient, largely hidden master manipulators? Is their fundamental nature reflected in CP horror stories and numerous threats we face in life, such as destruction of our source of life, poison/biotech agriculture, chemicalized food, wireless technology (severe health threat), a medical juggernaut that produces and perpetuates illness, and never-ending war that includes the use of Depleted Uranium munitions?

Here are some liner notes from Bryant's book:
"A tragic tale that tears at your heart and rips your soul, The Franklin Scandal is the true story of a child-pandering network and the masking of its very existence through a massive coverup orchestrated from the utmost pinnacle of power--using the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and a corrupt judicial process.

"Various news organizations have attempted to break aspects of this story, but the reports have either been ignored or mysteriously shelved. ABC backed away from  pursuing this, while, conversely, CBS appears to have abetted its concealment—making it obvious that very powerful people have a vested interest in safeguarding this secret.

"The shocking disclosures begin at an old brick warehouse in a seedy section of Washington DC, progressing through the $40 million rip-off of the nondescript Midwestern credit union—with a fancy bedroom in its basement—and then back to a DC party-house with hidden cameras.

"The alleged front man for the group was a rising star in the Republican party, Lawrence E. King. He opened the 1984 GOP national convention with a rousing rendition of the 'Star Spangled Banner,' and threw a party for 600 people, including a cabinet official and President Reagan's daughter, at Southfork Ranch—the swanky mansion used for the Dallas TV series."

"After accounts of severe abuse told by the frightened children were squelched, a state [[Nebraska - PT]] legislative committee was formed to examine the alarming affair. Its lead investigator's airplane mysteriously exploded in midair, his omnipresent briefcase went missing, and all of his investigative records were subpeonaed by the FBI two days later. With that, the case was shut down—until now."

From the back cover:
"Are our politicians, businessmen and media personalities being compromised? Is there a covert check-and-balance system affecting our body politic? How and why does a nationwide child-abuse network stay hidden? What about the children? These are just some of the questions that The Franklin Scandal addresses."

Exemplifying the tie-in of child abuse with CP bureaucracy, Bryant's book reveals that a girl named Eulice Washington was fostered to a home near Omaha, Nebraska at eight years of age. After suffering repeated beatings for many years in that home, Eulice asserts that she was forced into King's pedophile network, and that she was twice flown by him, with other underage children, to 'parties' in New York and Chicago. Bryant says he has "multiple corroborations" of Eulice Washington's allegation that King also "flew Boys Town students around the country to be used as underage prostitutes." (Franklin Scandal, p.510)

Two important aspects should be mentioned here, but won't be detailed: (1) Sex slaves are supplied for foreign so-called dignitaries visiting the US; and (2) homosexual rape of males is used in trauma-based mind control programs employed by the Illuminati. Such 'fixed' individuals can end up in public office. It is not stretching reality to imagine that some individuals so prepared appear later as 'Manchurian candidates' to serve any purpose chosen for them, including terrorism and other crime that 'require' the Elite's ever-developing, Orwellian police-state, surveillance control system.

Thus, from this scandal and other information one can find with a little searching, we have what might accurately be called a satanic cabal engaging in sex rings, mind control, child abuse, active pedophilia, and probably ritual sacrifice among other black-hearted behavior concealed beneath a veneer of respectability in our international, national, state, and local political, judicial and law enforcement systems. The upper echelons of the Illuminati hierarchy don't necessarily believe in a being called Satan (they created religions and religious myths for mass mind/behavior control and to serve their divide-and-conquer tactic by setting groups against one another), but the behavior can be described aptly as satanic.

"People don't realise how organised it all is. Satanists and paedophiles (and those doing their bidding in pursuit of power, money and sheer survival) are placed in the key public offices to hide their activities. I am talking presidents and prime ministers, too. ...

" ... These networks [[satanist and pedophile - PT]] control governments, national and local, 'law' offices, police, courts, coroners' offices, crematoria, social services, law firms and so on, and they have their own doctors and pathologists to ensure when necessary that they can cover up how people have truly met their fate.

"Every time I have investigated, or read about the investigations of others, the same blueprint is there to see. Children are supplied for prominent members of 'society' through children's homes and other sources, and should they and their families seek to expose what has happened they are met with a wall of resistance from police, social services and the court system."
(It should be noted that the "the web" referred to in the link title is the network itself, not the Internet. And it is via this web that Eulice Washington and so many others, received their horrendous treatment. And of course, "people don't realise how organised it all is" because, as with so many genuine conspiracies, insufficient exposure from the mainstrean media is part of the problem).

The Microcosm:
This story, one of so many, reflects perfectly the corruption outlined above. It concerns a woman (name withheld on request - we'll call her "Ann") and her two children in CA, USA. According to her, they have been gravely abused by persons in the family court system (Riverside Superior Court, Indio branch), namely Commissioner Lawrence P. Best and Mediator Emelinda McGinnis.

Trouble began with Ann's marriage to a man who was at first personable, but later revealed his true nature. Seven years of marital abuse followed. In the midst of divorce litigation, custody of Ann's two young boys was, by all appearances, arbitrarily given to the abusive father, who turned out to be a convicted drug-manufacturing felon, long-term methedrine addict, and severe alcoholic. The boys (7 and 3 at the time) are still in serious danger at time of writing. Amazingly, such injustice can be perpetrated by just a few people operating within a local system having insufficient checks and balances, and insufficient recourse to remedial action. That this can happen, has happened, and is happening far and wide, speaks to the underlying organization behind it.

What could the motive/reason be for such monstrosity? There are probably many, such as the obvious—sadistically twisted psyches. Another would be, as noted, providing future fodder for the system, whose auspices will be needed to 'cure' the troubled psyches potentially created in persons so abused by it. Aspects of this cure include drug sales, and arrests for crimes that could result from drug side effects or simply from the psychoemotional upheaval created by abuse. A macabre perptual-motion machine.

Attempts by Ann to rectify this travesty, including fact-based legal motions and an appeal to the CA Attorney General and Governor's offices, have thus far been stymied by a corrupted court/legal system, as mentioned in the quote from the article linked immediately above. What has seemed to exacerbate the challenges facing Elena is her immigrant status (legal, from South Africa), which began when she became a scholarship student at the University of California in 2000. Meanwhile, the court (Best) has repeatedly granted legal advantages to the abuser.

Additional Material, from Ann's mother:
The atrocities outlined below are gross violations of human, civil, and constitutional rights under national and international law. The ordinary US citizen —for some unfathomable reason still convinced that America is the land of the free and the brave—seems dangerously unaware of the sheer anarchy in the United States (and British) family courts. Corrupt family court judges and their court 'janitors,' mediators and evaluators), are reinforced and augmented by fathers rights groups such as American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC), who successfully reinstated the medieval concept of patriarchy.

[Editor's note: The establishment of 'patriarchy-über-alles' is a very old Illuminati tactic. The case has been made that most ancient, indigenous/tribal cultures were matriarchies, or matriarchal This is true, for example, of the Australian Aborigines and of the Cherokee Nation and other Nations here in 'Turtle Island' (North America). Elite policy and behavior has been, and is, the systematic disruption/destruction of indigenous societies, wherein the the alien concept of kingship/royalty/patriarchy supplants instinctive social organization. This fundamental disruption facilitates societal infiltration ('royal' bloodlines) and exploitation by the Elite, leading to double standards, child abuse, sexual repression, and war for empire-building—not to mention planetary destruction. - PGT]

"AFC [American Fathers Coalition - PGT] and ACFC have misrepresented research and statistics to give the impression that men and fathers experience great gender bias when it comes to divorce issues. They also support sloppy material that insists women are just as abusive as men, that mothers are most likely to severely injure or kill their children, and that single mother homes and 'fatherlessness' are the number one causes of social ills in this country. Both organizations have websites. A large number associated with both organizations are signatories of Fathers Manifesto, including Stuart Miller." [Miller is Senior Legislative Analyst for the AFC - PGT]

The mentality presiding in the court system and fathers rights groups is demonstrated in the Fathers Manifesto, a tome to male supremacy. It advocates for "father custody—no exceptions," the repeal of women's right to vote, and elimination of "all transfers of assets" such as alimony, child support, AFDC, HUD, food stamps, and other programs that assist women and children, especially those living in or near poverty.

Good, decent parents, particularly mothers who in many cases have been the sole caregiver of their children, are systematically pathologized, vilified and persecuted in US family courts. The mere mention of "abuse" results all too often in loss of custody; and if mothers dare to fight back, they are declared "vexatious litigants." California must be a breeding ground for "delusional" and "vexatious" mothers, and the fact that at least 58,000 children (a conventional estimate) are annually handed over to their abuser on a platter speaks for itself. This has been going on for more than three decades, and it needs to stop NOW!

A quote from the National Organization of Women's Action Alert on the Fathers' Rights Movement sheds light: "WHEREAS the objectives of these groups are to increase restrictions and limits on custodial parents' rights and to decrease child support obligations of non-custodial parents by using the abuse of power in order to control in the same fashion as do batterers..."

Some of the custodial parental restrictions proposed by fathers rights groups, including those groups that are the subject of this article, are described below. When fathers rights groups speak of these restrictions, they don't cite the real reasons they are supported, such as reduction or elimination of child support and weakening of laws designed to protect women and children from abusers. They claim they want to see these restrictions passed because "children need both parents" and because "fathers have rights, too."

*Use of the presumption of joint custody primarily as a means of lowering child support and/or maintaining control over the mothers decision making processes, especially if the man has been abusive in any way
*Use of visitation guidelines to lower child support He has to get that 35% visitation in order to get that immediate reduction in child support payments, even though the mother still has primary legal custody, which is where all the responsibilities lie.
*Moveaway laws that prevent the mother from moving for any reason yet do not affect the father even if his move completely disrupts visitation
*Use of 'expert testimony' [see note at end of this section - PGT] such as Parental Alienation Syndrome and Malicious Mother Syndrome, neither of which are medically recognized Such fraudulent medical syndromes are used to define and denigrate a "vexatious" mother's behavior.
*Support of 'second spouse' laws that would enable a father to force a court to include his ex-wife's new husband's income as total income thereby lowering dad's child support payment
*Support of 'second spouse' laws that favor the father after he remarries He wants to have a family with his new wife, but maybe can't afford it as long as he's shelling out all that child support. He therefore petitions the court for reduction based on "change of circumstance."
*Elimination of alimony laws This is almost redundant, since only about 15% of women receive alimony anyway. They don't get much, they don't get what they are awarded, and it isn't enforced.
*Excessive litigation as a means of impoverishing the mother into involuntary compliance
*Mandatory mediation when it is not appropriate For example, one person (usually the man) having much higher income can control proceedings. Also, an abuser can use mediation to control his partner, intimidating her to do things his way. Mediators focus on getting an end result, regardless of whether or not that result is in everyone's best interests. It's also possible that a woman might not learn her legal rights from a mediator. Training is a problem as well. Anyone can throw out a shingle and work as a mediator. There needs to be some quality control. [see Editor's note at end - PGT]
*Friendly Parenting Provisions, which relate to custody The parent who is deemed more likely to encourage the relationship between parent and child is the one who should get custody. This one came about primarily due to mothers who either experienced domestic violence or strongly suspected child abuse and were either very reluctant to give the father access to the children, or flatly refused. These were not vindictive mothers seeking revenge. They had valid reasons for withholding visitation. Rather than rely on "friendly parenting provisions," the proper authorities should investigate these cases properly.
*Covenant marriage laws These are new. One in the news recently is from Alabama and makes it harder to get divorced, while not addressing/fixing the marriage problems. This is especially harmful to women in abusive marriages, since they can't get out. The main reason covenant marriages are getting press is due to the fact that women initiate the vast majority of divorces.

Ann has instituted a class action lawsuit against the perpetrators of the Riverside Superior Court, Indio Family Court, who, under 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242, are depriving her of, and conspiring against, her rights because of her IMMIGRANT STATUS!

Deprivation Rights Under Color of Law (18 USC 242)
Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;

Conspiracy Against Rights (18 USC 241)
If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;

I am calling on all protective parents who have been victimized and vilified by US family court resulting in the loss of their children to their abusers to join the class action lawsuit.

The media in the US, with a few exceptions such as this reporter maintains deafening silence. Please develop a backbone and above all a CONSCIENCE. Three decades of abused and messed up kids is enough!
—Mother of Ann and grandmother of the two victimized boys. She is also a victim of the Riverside Superior Court, Indio Family Court

Editor's Note: 'Expert Witnesses'
The interested reader is encouraged to peruse the following page, which describes the fraudulent credentialing of custody evaluators

To get a sense of the magnitude of this problem, which seems to be particularly bad in the US and Great Britain, please see some of the more than 1100 comments in response to a 4/10/10 "Dr Phil" television show about the dangerously broken family court system in the US:

Is the atrocity happening to Ann, to her children and their grandmother a 'trickle-down' effect from a widespread and systemic situation operating beneath a surface of respectability, as described in the Macrocosm section above? Based on available evidence, this is a question that surely needs widespread, unwaivering attention. And it seems that a 'can't happen here' attitude, from local communities on out, would not serve well.

Hopefully, some good will come out of Ann's miserable situation. A return of the children to their mother and primary—virtually only—caregiver since birth goes without saying. But if much more awareness of the macrocosm arose as well, it could be of tremendous service to the many children who are under the control, or in danger of falling under the control and evil abuse, of some very sick beings skulking within and around Child 'Protection' Services. A nasty level of the rabbit hole indeed.

How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole?

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